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Dark Cloud Hangs Over LFA Congress

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The writings are on the wall, with indications that the much anticipated Liberia Football Association (LFA) March 20 congress will not be held as planned. This is due in parts to the series of processes and complications involved with the FA statue review.

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaOne of the contenders to the LFA Presidency, former LFA scribe  George Wah Williams (Pictured) confirmed the delay to congress saying “it is true the FA’s congress may not be held as planned, since there are series of processes and complications involved with the review of the FA statue.”

Mr. Williams told the New Dawn in an exclusive interview: “we stakeholders hope to see the generality of how soccer administration intends to be run, but what is not clear yet, is the postponement in the March 20th congress since it has not been officially announced.” he said.

Mr. Williams further stated that the FA had its own internal wrangling, but said there was a need for some stability “before going to congress. We believe as we move along, there has to be some stability to ensure a smooth and free participation of all,” he said

The Former LFA SG further said “we also believe the statue being reviewed prior to congress is in the best interest of the administration of the game.”

Mr. Williams indicated that the FA statue review when completed will be a guide for FA officials over the next four years.

“We are hoping as the FA goes and return from Cairo, they will bring back a statue that has been reviewed carefully,” Mr. Williams told The New Dawn.

Mr. Sam Bedford, LFA Acting Secretary General told the New Dawn that it will take a miracle for the congress to be held. Mr. Bedford said; “at the moment, the LFA Executive Committee and Congress are yet to allow an auditing firm begins with the audits of the FA’s financial documents for the year 2009.”

He said the FA congress had previously been slated for March 20, 2010, but according to him this date is not fusible since the 2009 financial statements of the local Football House are not yet audited, while the FA’s statue hasn’t been accepted by the World’s Football Governing Body (FIFA)” he said.

“Everyone knows how long it takes to audit any institution, and as such; we are waiting on the audit and the FIFA’s acceptance of this body’s statues,” he said.


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