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Dawning of a new era

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The dawning of a new era in Liberia is here with the inauguration on Monday, 22 January of President-elect George Weah and first female Vice President-elect, Jewel Howard Taylor after their Coalition for Democratic Change ticket emerged victorious in the December 26, 2017 runoff presidential election.

Their inception following a democratic poll closes a chapter of Liberia’s first democratically elected female President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf under whom a firm foundation of peace, freedom of speech and of the press and political pluralism has been laid.

The new administration has a strong platform to start with and perhaps improves upon in taking this country to noble destiny. It has no choice but to cease this opportunity in bettering the lives of the citizenry.

Citizens’ expectations are high as they look to the Weah administration for the change that was promised them during the campaign. They wait anxiously to see tangible deliverables.

This is a new era of youthful leadership in the country with both the President and Vice President just above 50, so they have enough physical energy to drive the nation to development and economic prosperity.

We are aware that this is going to be an easy ride to prosperity. No, no, if we truly desire to get there as Liberians, let us get ready to roll up our sleeves to work with the new government.

President Weah promises to run a pro-poor government, meaning, he intends to prioritize plight of underprivileged Liberians, who gave their all in terms of votes to have him elected despite the odds.

Slum dwellers from Duala, New Kru Town, Logan Town, Clara Town and West Point Township have an opportunity to improve their lots only if they are willing to work. Surely, it is not going to come on silver platter.

This dawning of a new era would require focus minds of a determined people ready to turn their conditions around for the better. Government should create such environment in which we can thrive.

We must pressurize it to do or else it could get carry away by the euphoria of election victory and mass support, and feel content. This is no period for complacency as a nation, having lost so much self-destructing.

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