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De-construction dialogue today

The Governance Commission will today, April 26, 2015  hold a one-day dialogue at the National Elections Commission or NEC. 

The purpose of today’s dialogue is to Mainstream Transparency and accountability in the de-concentration framework which emphasizes that the program be implemented through a defined policy.

According to a dispatch, the objective of the de-concentration is to provide citizens with quality services. The National Policy on de-concentration and Local Government was launched in January by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, with an aim of strengthening local government structures in all the counties.

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 Meanwhile, the initial step in de-concentration provides for country superintendents to take over decision-making and implementation from central government.

 In addition to improving economic activities, the process will rationalize expenditure and encourage sharing of government resources.

However, de-concentration will succeed only through the determination of heads of ministries to fully cooperate with superintendents, and by structuring their various local agencies to meet the demands of the people.

Superintendents would have to ensure that resources allocated for national development are utilized and accounted for in a coordinated manner, while fostering good governance that wins the trust and confidence of the people being served.

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The lack of funding to support the De-concentration strategy and the Ebola outbreak last year delayed the process, thereby forcing government to shift its implementation from 2013-2015 to 2015-2017.

Several recommendations have been advanced to accelerate the process, including harmonizing overlapping functions of government ministries and agencies.

By Ethel A. Tweh

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