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DEA raids ghettoes in Maryland

The Drugs Enforcement Agency or DEA detachment in Maryland County has arrested over 20 kilograms of marijuana and several wraps of heroine value over 50,000Liberian Dollars during patrol in Harper and Pleebo cities, respectively.

DEA deputy county commander Matthew Faryah, says the narcotic substances were arrested in ghettoes in the two cities. He says though the DEA lacks logistics, but the detachment is doing all in its power to fight the sale and consumption of harmful substances, appealing to citizens to help the DEA in exposing hideouts of drug dealers and users in the county.

The DEA commander notes that failure of citizens to hint the agency on the sale and use of harmful substances is one of the major obstacles hampering the DEA operations.
The intake of narcotic substances among youths in Maryland, particularly in Harper and Pleebo is reportedly on the increase leading to criminal activities.

Both cities are said to have been saturated with criminals, leaving residents panicking and wondering where they have come from. Commonly known as Zogoes here, they are engaged in the sale and use of drugs as well as walking the streets and snatching personal belongings.

Meanwhile,deputy commander Faryah explains that drugs arrested by his men were burned on Friday, 1 July based on mandate from his boss Major David C. Tokpah.The substances were burnt in the presence of stakeholders, including representatives of the media in the township of Philadelphia along the Harper-Pleebo highway.

By George K. Momo/ Maryland-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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