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Dead Baby Floats In Clara Town

Residents of Clara Town on Bushrod Island were in a state of shock when news of a dead baby floating over the Mesurado River commonly referred to as Du-River broke in the community. The curious residents immediately rushed to the scene early Friday morning when they saw a dead baby and a dead dog being pushed ashore by rough waves from the river.

No one could explain how come the two dead bodies – a baby and a dog were together in a decomposed state, which seemed to indicate they may have been left over the river for several days prior to the discovery.

Others thought perhaps the dog went to rescue the baby when they both met their demise. Both parents and children stood speechless as the unpleasant scene attracted the attention of more residents and passersby.

Some by-standers argued that a wicked parent may have thrown the baby into the river probably to dodge responsibility, while others noted that an unknown teenage parent might have carried on the act due to lack of support from the child’s father.

Despite accusing fingers being pointed at reckless teenage parents and the multiplicity of “children bearing children” in Liberia, others still find it difficult to exclude adult parents from such act given the unwillingness of most “grown-up” women to abstain from street pleasure to nurse their young babies.

However, nobody was directly accused from the Clara Town area for carrying on the act, as some residents thought water waves may have brought the dead baby from a nearby community.

Onlookers described as evil, the act of other women abandoning their children after enduring nine months pregnancy. An elderly woman, who asked for anonymity, said “poverty should be no excuse for any mother to kill her child, even if she were abandoned by her husband.”

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Abandoning babies at dumpsites, in cartoons or in water has become a common occurrence here, which some think demonstrates mothers’ declining love for children.

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