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Deadly Weapons Destroyed

Police Press Relation Director, George Bardue say a large cache of dangerous weapons including some  68 pieces of AK-47s, 2 LAR, 3 RPG missiles, 3 rockets and one piece of 50 caliber GMG were destroyed yesterday on Bushrod Island at the UNMIL Assets Disposal Unit, at Star Base.

Bardue said other weapons destroyed included one PKM, 3 Steel rockets or anti- aircraft and 76 empty AK-47 magazines. But according to him, the ammunition for these arms have been taken to Tubmanburg, Bomi County for disposal.

Speaking during the destruction exercise on Wednesday, Deputy Police Director for Administration Rose E. Stryker said the weapons were destroyed to avoid recycling in the streets of Liberia.

The fire arms, which were discovered in the U’Gbo Barro District of River Gee County, were brought on a UN chopper by Emergency Response Unit (ERU) officers accompanied by UN Security forces to Monrovia sometime last month. The arms were immediately turned over to Police Director Marc Amblard upon arrival at the National Police Headquarters in Monrovia from the James Spriggs Payne Airfield in June this year.

Deputy Police Director for Administration, Rose Stryker handed the weapons over to the Nigerian Contingent of the United Nations Peace Mission in Liberia, haven undergone examination and documentation by the Police Forensic Unit at Central. 

The arms discovery were said to be the result of ERU patrol in River Gee County. The Town Chief of the U’Gbo District along with 37 others was arrested over suspicion of being linked to the hidden arms which were reportedly discovered underground.

ERU Officers suspected mercenaries returning to Liberia from the Ivory Coast of bringing the arms into the country. For further investigation, the police say they were bringing the suspects to Monrovia.

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