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Deaf group accuses NEC of violation

A deaf group is accusing the National Elections Commission (NEC) of allegedly violating the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons living with disabilities.

The allegation was made during a press conference on 11 September by Mr. Adrian Z. Sandi, National director at the Organization for the Social Integration of Liberian Deaf in Paynesville, Police Academy Community.

Mr. Sandi alleges that the NEC refused to train deaf people here to serve as guidance to fellow deaf electorate who registered to participate in the Tuesday, 10 October presidential and representatives elections.

He defines election as the processes through which citizens choose those they want to lead them into prosperity for a certain period of time which starts with planning by those entrusted with the constitutional responsibility to conduct election.
The deaf group national director maintains that NEC also failed to hold election consultative dialogues, conduct workshops and adequately ensure that the deaf become an integrated part of every implementation processes.

According to him, there are deaf Liberians who have the basic education like any other Liberian to be trained as voters educators by going through the process of certification that qualifies them to submit proposals to NEC to take up tasks.

He expresses the disappointment of deaf people with the government for allegedly failing to ensure that the deaf are respected as in every civilized and democratic nation. 
In contrast to Mr. Sandi’s allegations against the NEC, an official at the electoral house Mr. Joseph Nyensuah told this paper Tuesday, 12 September that NEC has been working with disable organizations here, some of whom he says are now participating in the electoral process.

He advises the leadership of the deaf group to write the Commission on whatsoever grievances they may have so that they can be addressed by the Commission.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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