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Deal with Armed Robbers

Liberia’s Police Director Chris C. Massaquoi has instructed his neighbors in the Block A – Duport Road Community to deal with armed robbers when caught.

Director Massaquoi gave the instruction Wednesday, 6 January, in his neighborhood while presenting festive seasons gifts of one bag of rice and LD$500 for soup to each household.
At the program graced by UN peacekeeping officers and other senior police officers, including Mr. Massaquoi’s deputies, he recalled the high rate of crimes in the Duport Road Community, but told the gathering that there has been reduction after all strategies were efficiently executed to include the establishment of a police depot in the community.

He further expressed the hope that the Duport Road Community would be safe and free from crime. The Police Chief also repeatedly raised citizens’ confidence that despite the challenges faced due to the competing priorities of the government, including school, hospital and infrastructure, the Liberia National Police or LNP was, however, quite capable of protecting the country.

But Director Massaquoi urged his neighborhood to prosper and remain together in unity in this 2016, while pleading with citizens to gurantee that no armed robber would pass through.
“… And I want you all to guarantee us today that this community should be so close that not one armed robber should be able to pass through. No armed robber should be able to pass through in this community. I am directing you, I am instructing you that if you catch one armed robber, you must deal with it,” he ordered yesterday amid applause from the citizens.

In concluding, he reminded the gathering that the police cannot be everywhere just as it is in other countries, and sought the citizens’ support in fighting crimes.
Massaquoi that noted with all of the sophistication in developed countries, crimes were still being committed, and therefore cautioned citizens to have confidence in the police and collaborate with the force.

Making comments, Professor Wilson Tarpeh buttressed Mr. Massaquoi in urging the citizens to give their support and not shield criminals if there must be success in the fight to reduce crimes in Duport Road.He finally urged Mr. Massaquoi to also wield out the bad apples from the LNP.

By Winston W. Parley

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