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Death Squad Resurfaces in Liberia Again, Under President Weah? Part (A)

“The democratic elections held in Liberia will be meaningless, except it is linked to the overall protection of the lives of all Liberians irrespective of their tribal affiliations, social status or their political methodologies that are contrary to the views of the Weah’s government in Liberia,” says Jones Malay, A Syndicated Writer. A peaceful transparent democratic election should symbolize good governance, the culture of protection, the cultivation of human rights and the enhancement of law and order and equal justice for all Liberians under the laws of the Republic of Liberia presided over by President Weah.

But the question that arose: Are the lives of Liberians truly saved under President Weah who was democratically elected by Liberians to protect their lives? if the answer is in the affirmative, then who killed Kebbeh Forkpah, Emmanuel Tarpeh, Princess Dwalo, Joyce Otujawhen and Journalist Tarwon Brown mysteriously in a democratic nation like Liberia where there are law and order and the Weah government has maximum security for all its citizenry? Democracy in Liberia was not merely about electing President Weah and Vice President Jewel Taylor to the Executive Mansion. It was about the President and Vice President creating an enabling peaceful in which lives and properties can be protected unconditionally.

Liberians are beginning to experience a recapitulation of a “death squad” that once ruined effectively during the late president Doe’s era in the 80s and 90s under former President Taylor’s government. Sources closed to the late Doe’s regime revealed that he had a 40-member efficient and effective skillful killing death-squad that comminuted between houses with one central goal: to slaughter innocent Liberians at dawn and disposed of their bodies on street corners, at garbage collecting centers, in rivers, swarms, in bushes and at some extreme instances, innocent Liberians were always buried alive under the cover of darkness.

Many Liberians were killed under mysterious circumstance under the late Doe’s era with those murderers going with impunity up-today. Sources closed to the now-jailed former President Taylor disclosed that thousands of his victims were viciously tutored, killed, shot on sight and thrown either in pits, buried-alive, burned and or were buried in mass graves around Liberia under the cover of darkness.

Since the end of the civil wars almost 20-years ago, and the election of former President Sirleaf, the killing of innocent Liberians has continued unabated. Former president Sirleaf’s government failed miserably to arrest and persecute murderers who were on killing sprees in Liberia. The slaughtering of innocent Liberians during former president Sirleaf tenure has definitively continued to perpetuate under the Weah’s government, which is scary. It is very scary to see a group of men moving at night well determined to go from house to house slating the throats of ordinary Liberians while others screamed to death in the middle of the night.

Some innocent Liberians are stabbed and acid water is wasted in their faces and bodies. Their dead corpses are eventually thrown on beaches like pets as it was in the case of the late Harris Greaves who died mysteriously during the era of former President Sirleaf with the murderer still on the loose and Former President Sirleaf was never investigated. On April 16, 2018, journalist Brown murderer one Williams announced himself when the LNP was literally unable to arrest Williams due to the LNP’s rebel-like policing. Liberia is a very dangerous and a risky place to live at the moment under the Weah’s government.

This is because President Weah is surrounded by thousands and thousands of ex-dangerous-rebel fighters who killed thousands of ordinary Liberians in the Liberian civil wars and went with impunity If the Weah’s government which includes the Libera National Police and its entire security apparatus are visibly unable to track down murderers. This can be interpreted as the government inability to track and persecute people who go about killing others for no reasons under the cover of darkness. This is one condition that has continued to make Liberia one of the dangerous places for Liberian to dwell and raise their children because innocent people lives are not protected under President Weah.

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