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Debates intensifies over Liberia’s Christianization

A Liberian youth advocate and  Chief Executive officer (CEO) and  Managing Partner of SELAHCO  is calling for the  speedy  submission of  one of the  propositions  discussed at the  just-ended  Constitution Review  Committee Conference in Gbarnga Bong County, that Liberia should be a Christian State.

Speaking to the media last weekend, Mr. Merchant Wilbert said the passage of this proposition into law in Liberia will give the inhabitants of the country the opportunity to work in accordance with the law of the land and respect the constitution.

Mr.  Wilbert pointed out that those who created this country, used the Holy Bible to set the country‘s agenda and discussed issues that led to the establishment of Liberia, and therefore Liberians must continue with such pattern taken by their  forebears.

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The proposition that Liberia must be a Christian state will also help provide security because, according to him, the Holy Scripture will be well protected, and its rules respected, and its precepts will be binding on the people of the country, thus making them to respect human dignity. 

The Youthful Leader, at the same time, told the media that with his understanding, the Christian principle was one of the best. “As you may be aware, a child brought up in a Christian home will certainly be fruitful in society, and will contribute to the wellbeing of any society. Therefore, the Liberian people must consider this proposition that will better the future of our country,” Mr.  Wilbert asserted. 

The SELAHCO Manager Partner   said in the absence of Christianity, the country will develop a band of evils and evil doers that will bring embarrassment to the Country, as well as derail the progress that the Liberian Government is initiating.

Mr.  Wilbert disclosed  that  when the country  is made a circular state, Liberia must get ready  for the  infiltration of  evils and evil doers across its length and breadth, on grounds that  all kinds of  demonic and terrorist groups will enter the country under the banner  of  religion, and certainly, such situation would not mean well for the people of the country.

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The Youth advocate used the occasion to applaud the Constitution Review Committee (CRC) for its tolerance during the just-ended conference held in Central Liberia, Gbarnga Bong County.

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