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Defense Chief’s son links to attempted murder

A son of the Minister of National Defense, identified as Michael Samukai is reported to have shot one Zardee Andrews, after he suspected the victim of loving to his wife, Charlotte Samukai.

Defense Chiefs

A press statement issued by the family of Zardee Andrews in Monrovia narrates that on September 13, 2016 at about 9 to10pm, Michael Samukai shot their brother Zardee in his neck, attempting to kill him at the Tropical Beach located in Thinker’s Village along the Robertsfield highway.

“But with God being God, the bullet, according to X-ray report, has passed through his neck. The level of damage caused in the neck of Zardee is a matter of life concern to the family. The attempted murderous incident occurred when Charlotte Samukai, a girl who is believed to be the wife of Michael Samukai, was celebrating her birthday and invited Zardee Andrews to her birthday celebration at the Tropical Beach,” the statement, signed by one of the family members of the victim, Roland Andrews, reads.

It says as far as Zardee is concerned, there is no intimacy between Charlotte and Andrews, but Michael Samukai, who according to sources, has been in an unstable relationship with Charlotte has always been in the constant habit of accusing and threating boys seem around her.

“Hence, on this faithful day of her birthday – September 13, 2016 when he [Michael Samukai] arrived at Charlotte’s Birthday’s party at the Beach and met Zardee Andrews and others sitting with Charlotte, a quarrel ensued as to who incited who to the party. During the quarrel, Michael Samukai immediately took out his pistol “45” and shot Zardee Andrews in the back of his neck. Zardee is currently admitted at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Memorial Hospital suffering from bullet’s wound.”

The statement pointed out, hence, on the faithful day of her birthday-September 13, when Michael arrived at Charlotte’s birthday’s party at the beach and met Zardee and others sitting with Charlotte, a quarrel as to who invited who to the party.

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The whereabouts of Michael Samukai, the alleged perpetrator, is yet unknown. Upon reporting the case to the police at the Liberia National Police Headquarters in Monrovia, the family was informed by the police that the Samukai family had already reported the case.

Meanwhile, members of the Zardee family say they are very much concerned about the survival of their son, and are unconditionally, calling on Minister Brownie Samukai, father of the accused and the police to turn Michael’s living body over to the court of law to be persecuted.

“It is also our demand that the Samukai’s family takes full charge of the hospital’s expenses and at the same time assuring that Zardee Andrews is discharged without any physical and or internal problem in his neck for the rest of his life time”, the statement said further.

The family says it looks forward to seeing justice being dispensed in this matter, and wonder why the Defense Minister’s son, who is not a military personnel should be handling weapon and taking the law into his own hands.

When this paper contacted Defense Minister J. Brownie Samukai via mobile, he claimed that he was in a cabinet meeting with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but report reaching our newsroom last night says Michael Samukai is being interrogated by the police in connection with the incident.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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