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Democracy over Dictatorship

-Dillon terms victory

Montserrado County Senator-elect, Abraham Darius Dillon says the people of Montserrado have overwhelmingly chosen democracy over dictatorship and bad governance.

Speaking to Spoon Talk live broadcast on Sunday, 13 December he said it’s not about popularity, standing up to truth, and being courageous to say the truth noting, the victory at the poll is not his, but the ordinary people, who have started hoping again.

“The victory is not mine, it just a small portion of the blessings for me to be on the ballot but it was Liberia versus the government; democracy versus dictatorship; freedom versus hardship.”

According to him, if CPP members succeeded in rallying some Independent candidates on their side, they’ll take the senate leadership.

“We don’t want [both] leaderships of the House of Representatives and the Senate that have to go to Jamaica resort every morning for consultation before coming to give us instructions. Some of us have to come from our homes independently and go to ensure check and balance.”

Senator-elect Dillon, who convincingly defeated ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Candidate, Representative Thomas Fallah by over 60 percent of the votes from the December 8th special senatorial election, says similar action would be taken in the House of Representatives if they in opposition were to get the numbers.
He notes they can’t win the elections, get the numbers, raise the hope of the people and then go back to normal at the Senate, saying interesting things are ahead.

According to Dillon, when you serve the people, you don’t need to give the people money to vote, you don’t need to print big billboard, the people will do it for you, when you serve the people, they will support you with their all.

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Senatorial candidate JamimaWolokolie, who backed off in the last minutes and supported the ruling party candidate Thomas Fallah, says CDCians are people who have realized their mistakes, and they have decided to go back to the drawing board and re- strategize.

Madam Wolokolie, who also appeared on Spoon FM along with Sen. Dillon and others, continues that in life, one has to accept the hard facts, saying, politics is politics and it’s not yet over. She maintains that no one should think CDC will be an easy ride on 2023.

“CDC with me going back and the president paying more attention to some of the things he was never told will be a different CDC. I can assure everyone that 2023 will be a hard one because we will revamp CDC”, Madam Wolokolie reveals.

By Ethel A Tweh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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