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Deputy Gender boss entangles in rape case at Children’s Village

By Kruah Thompson 

Deputy Gender Minister for Children and Social Protection Lydia Mai Sherman clarifies that she has no involvement in the recent rape case at SOS Children’s Village in Liberia, disclosing that the ministry is doing everything in its power to contact the Ministry of Justice to speedily investigate and bring to trial Mr. Augustine Alieu, former country director of the SOS children’s Village for allegedly raping a15 years old minor at the village.

Deputy Minister Sherman narrates that on May 5th, 2022, a Liberian citizen known as Saye Maye Cole, appeared on OK Morning Rush hosted by OK FM 99.5 and alleged she (Deputy Minister Sherman) is compromising the case on grounds that she is the fiancee of suspect Augustine Alieu, and because of that she (Sherman) has failed to play her role as a minister in protecting the 15 years old survivor.

She adds that Mr. Saye Maye Cole also accused her of taking the alleged rape survivor to a local cottage but later it was discovered that the minor was in fact, taken to her older sister for care without the knowledge of the Village.

Speaking to the New Dawn over the week, Minister Sherman said she doesn’t know from where Mr. Saye Maye Cole is getting his information, but as far as she’s concerned, she had been straightly ethical and professional in abiding by the rule of law while working with the Liberia National Police to ascertain outcome of the investigation. 

According to her, the Police and the Gender Ministry are still obtaining evidence on the case and for this reason, she cannot disclose the whereabouts of the victim, saying There’s no harm in her way as we speak.”

However, Sherman reveals the minor was at the Ministry of Gender but the Police allegedly took legal custody of her, adding “She’s now in a safe space with the Liberian National Police (LNP) which I cannot disclose to the media because she’s being protected from the public and Mr. Aliue, who she has been accused.”

The Deputy Gender Boss however says she’s in consultation with her lawyer and anytime soon she will take legal action against Mr. Saye Maye Cole. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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