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Deputy Police Chief in Court For Love

Police investigators in Monrovia have charged and sent to court defendant Abraham Bility, 38, on multiple crimes, including harassment, disorderly conduct and terroristic threat, out of claims that he has persistently harassed Liberia’s Acting Police Director, Madam Rose E. Stryker with calls and love messages.

Detailing the Director’s complaint, a Police charge sheet said Col. Stryker has, within approximately six month-period, received calls from an unknown caller whose phone number, it said, was initially undisclosed.

It said as though Deputy Director Stryker and defendant Bility were both cohabitating, he was very persistent in harassing her regularly to the extent that she hardly slept.

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In an alert to investigators, she noted that A.B. Bility’s persistent harassment created “pandemonium and psychological imbalance to her person.” On one occasion, the charge sheet said Stryker narrated to investigators that the caller’s number appeared on her phone screen, at which time he allegedly identified himself as A.B. Bility.

Her statement to investigators further said that on many occasions, she aborted calls emanating from the caller, and in continuation of his consistent harassment, he allegedly sent to the Deputy Police Director’s phone number (077800101) love messages through his cell number (0770373151).

“Hon. Stryker lamented that on the morning of October 29, 2013, A.B. Bility called repeatedly from 12:41 to 4:45am, thereby denying her peaceful bed rest,” the charged sheet said, indicating that at one instance, defendant “Bility called and threatened that if she did not accept his love and continue to deny his desire, he would definitely come for her.”

Concluding Madam Stryker’s complaint, investigators said defendant Bility was sometimes aggressive, and continuously reiterated his threat to come for her if she rejected his conversation.

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However, investigators said in a written statement, defendant Bility allegedly admitted ownership of the GSM number 0770373151, and that he had been using it to continuously call and forward text messages to Director Stryker pertaining to love relationship.

Police said defendant Bility narrated that he got to know Madam Stryker’s number 0770800101 in May 2013 from a police officer at Central Headquarters where he had gone to arrange for his motorbike impounded by police. He said he was warned by Director Stryker to desist from calling her and forwarding text messages to her for the past six months.

The charged sheet said the defendant was arrested on November 5, 2013, following which he made voluntary statements after his Miranda rights were read to him.

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