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Deputy Speaker prepares for senatorial race

One of the senatorial aspirants in Bong County for the 2020 special senatorial election Deputy Speaker Prince K. Moye, describes the pending election as a referendum for the county.He says the senatorial race will be a referendum that will divide or unite Bong by selecting a rhetorical leader or a practical leader with tangible development.

According to him, the race will see skimmers leaving the stage and bringing on board leaders who have built their political career along the way.
Representative Moye, who represents Bong County District # 2 notes that those who want to see people with mutilated political record, jumping from party to party and skimming on the county for personal gain will vote in that direction.

He continues that it is going to be a referendum that will give a face to the county or see it as the boiling point of politics in Liberia.
He indicates that it is now time the electorate critique the two names in the county. To this, political pundits in Bong say the two names widely known in the county include Deputy Speaker Prince K. Moye and incumbent Senator Henry Yallah.

Moye notes 2020 will not be a decision made on a silver platter in Bong County.Speaking with journalists in Tumutu, Salala District, Lower Bong County after a meeting with Muslim leaders from across the district, the Deputy Speaker asked Muslims to pray for him as he moves through the last seven percent of his consultation in the county.

Rep. Moye, who is currently carrying on consultation with citizens, says at the conclusion of the exercise, he will brief Muslims and the entire county on outcome of discussions held.Liberia is gearing up for mid-term senatorial election next year and many incumbent lawmakers both in the Senate and the House, are eyeing the race, including aspirants outside of government. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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