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Deputy Speaker provides financial aid to 63 TU students

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Deputy Speaker J. Fonati Koffa has provided financial aid to 63 students of the Tubman University in Maryland County. According to the office of the deputy speaker, the financial aid is intended to encourage young people who have considered education the best option remain in college and become productive citizens tomorrow.

The Grand Kru County lawmaker, who replaced former Deputy Speaker Prince Moye intimated that the donation is now 62 students but the number will gradually increase especially, when students endeavor to improve their grades.

The Office of the Deputy Speaker also announced Thursday that 63 students attending the William V. S. Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County, have been admitted into its financial aid scholarship scheme.

All of the scholarship students hailed from Grand Kru County.
“This is just the beginning for the assistance program. We intend to increase the number to higher level and later include other higher institutions of learning in the program so that our students can better focus on their lesson then hustling pocket money. We know how challenging things are and the best option for young person to do is to engage in the education with that our country will move in the right direction,” the office said.

In a press release, the Office of the Deputy Speaker said the scholarship is aimed to offset tuitions in order to ease the financial burden of parents and students; while parents or students will only be responsible to pay for additional costs.

The Office of Deputy Speaker Cllr. Koffa said at the end of each semester, it will evaluate the effect of performance-based scholarship scheme of every student, through grade sheets; and would therefore encourage students to maintain a GPA of at least 2.5.

The press release furthered that the 63 university students is an addition to already 500 students who are currently benefitting full scholarship at various secondary schools in the county.

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