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Destruction angers Ellen

Returning home Tuesday following a successful donors’ conference in the United States, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf expressed total frustration at Liberians for carrying on destruction in the country, saying, it defeats government’s effort in working hard to get support from foreign governments and partners.

Nearly a week into a violent protest last Thursday by commercial motorcyclists, which led to burning down of police stations in the commercial district of Paynesville, President Sirleaf said destructive actions by Liberians send a clear message to partners not to send their support here simply because “Liberians would destroy everything.”

The Liberian leader had just returned from a conference with the World Bank Group where she and her counterparts from Guinea and Sierra Leone presented their countries’ post Ebola recovery plans and sought support in such respect.

At the meeting, the three worst Ebola affected West African states got the World Bank’s commitment that it would provide at least US$650 million in 12 to 18 months to help the three countries recover from the social and economic impact of the pandemic.

But while at that meeting, chaos erupted last week between police and motorcyclists after two deaths involving motorcyclists was allegedly committed by an army officer, and subsequently a police officer.

At least few police stations were burnt down by rampaging commercial bike riders in the aftermath of the demise of their colleagues, allegedly stripping bare some female officers, among others.

“It’s very hurtful to come and see that Liberians are destroying everything,” President Sirleaf told reporters at the Roberts International Airport late Tuesday upon arrival, though she spoke in general without mentioning any group of people or a particular incident.

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She emphasized that such action defeats government’s effort when people back home are destroying everything while government is out there working hard to seek support for development.

As such, President Sirleaf has again appealed to citizens to join effort in working with the government for the progress and development of the country.

By Winston W. Parley


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