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Diaspora Liberians hope to vote in 2023

By Winston W. Parley

U.S. – based Liberian Mr. Emmanuel S. Wettee has hinted at the possibility of having “Out of Country voting” materialized in 2023 or after for diaspora Liberians.

“These achievements were made possible owing to ULAA’s leadership and partnerships with an assortment of other Diaspora organizations, lawmakers in both the United States of America and the Republic of Liberia,” he said during the 48th General Assembly of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA).

“As we convene at this Assembly, we, with our sister Liberian Diaspora organizations around the world, are now submerged in the noble battle for the possibility of having “Out of Country voting” materialize in 2023 or after,” said Eminent Wettee in a keynote address at ULAA’s 48th General Assembly in the U.S. late September.

He has stressed the need for Liberians who are legal residents in other lands to have the right to vote at least in Liberia’s presidential election.

“Let us now summon the needed courage to coalesce forces to ensure that Liberians who are legal residents in other lands, especially with appreciable populations, have the right and are enabled to vote at least in Liberia’s presidential election,” he said in a keynote address recently.

He said it was also made possible due to the heavy push by President George Manneh Weah wherever push was needed. 

“And lest I forget, we recognize our local advocates in Georgia and down South in persons such as Madam Mabel Green, Dr. Clarice Ford Kulah, Brother Robert G. Garguah, Sr., Mr. Dennis Jah, [and] Eminent David Flomo, among many others,” he said.

Eminent Wettee also cited the current achievements of ULAA in the advocacy for Dual Citizenship for natural-born Liberians and their children.

Further, he mentions the advocacy that seeks to make a Liberian woman pass on her citizenship over to her child at birth, irrespective of the citizenship or pigmentation of the biological father.

Eminent Wettee said ULAA has made an achievement in advocacy that seeks to make it possible for Liberians on TPS/DED to get Green Card.

He said these achievements constitute a continuation of patriotic efforts by ULAA leaders and leadership from the 1970s to abolish the one-party political system, fight corruption and abuse of power in government, and ensure the prevalence of the rule of law.

“Today, the current generation of Liberians is enjoying multi-party democracy, thanks to these gallant battles fought by ULAA and its partners,” he said. 

“Gone are the days when lawmakers were selected, literally handpicked, and not elected,” he said. 

He said today in sharp contrast to yesteryears, the people of Liberia can actively participate in the political process as subject actors, not mere objects, of history. 

“They now have the leverage to impact the political situation by acknowledging legislative activities; be they good or bad and move to effect change.”


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