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Political Hotfire

Did Madam Jewel Taylor and Laymah Gbowee failed miserably to fight Systemic Sexual Abuses and Gross Domestic Violence Against Innocent Liberian Children, Girls, and Women Legally in Liberia?

Post-war Liberia has raised a dramatic and indisputable profile of several unique women personalities across Liberia. Few among the most prominent and celebrated are 48-years old Layman Roberta Gbowee, a Nobel Peace Laureate, a trauma counselor, a peace activist, founder/president of the Gbowee’s Peace Foundation Africa; and head of the Women Peace and Security Network Africa based in Ghana and Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, the 57-years old, current Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, former Senator of Bong County, ex-wife of the then notoriously known convicted war criminal Charles Gankay Taylor, and a zealous and active founding member and chairperson of the Notorious National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), which subsequently gave birth to the National Patriotic Party (NPP) which now has a very staunched political ties with the Congress For Democratic Change (CDC) in a shakable political Coalition.

Liberia is definitively sinking gradually in a much deeper and much greater human calamity in the form of a social warfare mounted fearlessly against innocent and vulnerable children, girls, and women especially under the watchful eyes of the government of the Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), which Madam Taylor’s NPP is a beneficiary.

It is beyond description to see Liberia being terribly and unconditionally engulfed with infested dangerous sexual and domestic violence male-predictors who are persistently vandalizing innocent children, women, and girls and walks away majestically with strong and unstoppable impunity.

Angry sources in Liberia who are in acknowledgment of this dangerous and ongoing menace, revealed that sexual and domestic violence is at the highs of Liberian society, since the Liberian civil carnage ended technically around 2015 and practically in 2016. Since then, there has been a Sharpe increased in sexual and domestic violence at a huge magnitude.

The angry sources further lamented that in 2016, there were 700 sexually assaulted cases and UP under the then President Sirleaf did nothing. In 2018 there were 1,145 and the CDC did nothing. In 2019 there were 2, 590 cases and the CDC did nothing. The beginning of early 2020 there had been over 500 cases and the CDC is doing nothing. These terrible figures do not include records on women brutalities and summary killings by evil men across Liberia.

Some political skeptics wonder as to what had been the consolidated and moral standing of past and present governments in Liberia, which also includes the then President Sirleaf’s government and the present CDC led government under President Weah? It appears that the issues of sexual assaults coupled with a much deeper and unreportable domestic violence cases have now become the new norm in the Republic of Liberia with a lot of talking, with little or no action taken legally to grab those nefarious men and have them placed in cages.

This is also a clear massive failure on the part of the Ministries of Gender, Internal affairs, Justice, and the Liberia National Police Force whose priorities are far from protecting children girls and women from the deadly hands of sexual predictors across Liberia.

With such massive institutional failures, on the part of the current government of Liberia under President Weah to cultivate the will needed to identify and put behind bars those sexual deviants who are still parading confidently in towns and cities across the countryside of Liberia. However, two renounced personalities who are not expected to fail on this matter in the persons of Madam Laymah Roberta Gbowee and Madam Jewel Howard Taylor are rather the most disappointing in all of these unthinkable scenarios due to their huge inactiveness to take some concrete and legal actions against the LNPF, Gender, Internal Affairs, and Justice Ministries, rather than constantly visiting and consoling families and parents whose child or children had been visually vandalized in all manner of gross disrespect by parading evil minds across Liberia.

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Madam Laymah Roberta Gbowee and Madam Jewel Howard Taylor are few of our most wonderful and celebrated iconic mothers, dependable sisters, guaranteed and forceful activists and officials in Liberia. They are very significant personalities in the Liberian society. Their presence has not been felt among children, girls, and women who have been and continues to be abused systematically, killed or disappeared in silence.

Madam Gbowee did not obtain her Nobel Prize in isolation, she earned it on the back of the Liberian crisis with focused on peacebuilding and a strong emphasis on women’s and girls’ rights in Liberia. The Nobel Prize was given to her as a national service fee for a job well done. It is simply in recognition of her continues service to fight for women and girls’ rights in Liberia.

But Madam Gbowee’s inactive role since she earned the Noble Prize in 2010 is not in alignment with her objective for which she was awarded the Noble Peace Prize.

Madam Gbowee will need to wake up, because, the International Community especially the Noble committee is keeping eye on her concerning the ongoing abuses of children, girls, and women in Liberia. Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor for her part, should have used her unique office to mount a strong fight against women and girls’ continues abuses such as rape, domestic violence, women and girl brutalities, and all sorts of other abuses but to no avail, she is even sleeping three times then the most fearless forest lions.

VP President Jewel Taylor had not used her office legally to fight the growing abuses against children, girls, and women in many respects. The VP’s constant quest to identify herself with many victims of rapes and domestic violence cases in Liberia.

It is a good mood, but not necessarily a timely one, considering the alarming abuses being mounted against children, girls and women in Liberia. Madam Taylor will need to put in place some form of strong legal framework through which cruel men are identified and punished legally for abusing children, girls, and women in Liberia. It is not too late for these unique personalities to show case in their fight against this social calamity.

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