Difficult Days Ahead of Prince Harris and Meghan

On 19, 2018 the World stood still, not necessarily because a traditional wedding was held, but because a royal Prince Harris surprised the rest of the White race and took as his wife a bi-racial black woman, and a divorcee. He selected this bi-racial and divorcee amid thousands and thousands of other most equally beautiful, charming, gorgeous White British women some of whom do not have divorced records neither do they have any racial ties.

It was a matrimony ceremony that did not only generate enormous history and human excitements, it was a wedding that took place between two distinct personalities, from two different worlds, with two different beliefs, two value systems, with two different ideologies, two different cultures, from two ethnic status, from two different races, with two different wealth, two social status, and two different objectives held under a royal connotation is still a complex mystery. It was a wedding characterized by deep amazement that pulled a crowd of over 10,000 guests, supporters, well-wishers spectators, gossipers, racists, haters, and resentful personalities as well.

Prince Harris and Meghan wedding wasn’t about the 500 eggs and 200 lemons used to prepare their wedding cake or the moving sermon that was delivered by Michael Curry, or the venue of the reception and the ridding of horses in witness of spectators. It was a peaceful, happy, all-inclusive and a joyous wedding versus the forces of ongoing racism, killing of black men, women and children in America and on London’s streets coupled with a long list of running bigotry, xenophobia, hatred, rejections, resentment, and inequality and divisions against black dwelling in White society. Let us retrospect for a moment, when the late Martin Luther King championed the struggle for black inclusion into a racist society of America, the same White people shouted “we love you, we love your”, It was the same White folks who later turned against and murdered him in cold blood. There is a reason a Jewish woman can never marry a German. There is also a reason a white woman can never marry a black man in the US, especially where black people are being killed senselessly in cold blood like pets.

Prince Harris married Meghan has known fully she was bi-racial and a divorcee, yet, he opted to live his entire life with her because of the power of love. But not many white folks truly see it from the perspective of love, probably from a perspective that a rich white man is trying to help a black poor woman in America. Meghan, on the other hand, is not 100% sure she hasn’t been fully welcomed in the royal palace with a title of Duchess of Sussex, especially as a bi-racial woman.

Prince Harris and Meghan wedding have begun annoying many white racists in America already who simply hates black people needless married a black woman with a princess title. Many white people, as well as some black people, are currently uneasy about Prince Harris and Meghan’s wedding. Meghan and Prince Harris’s wedding will have some difficult times ahead, except, President Obama was not welcomed and later crucified, except Martin Luther Kings was not welcomed and later killed by the very white people that welcomed him.

But the question that arose: Will Meghan ever speak her mind against racism, bigotry, bitterness and the killing of black people in Great Britain or in the US? If Princes Harris and Meghan marry will survive, it was allowed by the Lord, if not it will fall apart due to mounting pressures from white folks in Great Britain and the US. Meghan as a bi-racial woman can never be welcome or excepted in the white race, probably not in this generation or the generation to come. The elections and the sustainability of then president Obama were done by a divine power and the Lord allowed it to happen, therefore, except the Lord allowed Meghan and Prince Harris to succeed, the forces of evil White men and women will continue to fight them on a daily basis, except they didn’t do similar evil stuff to president Obama and Dr. King in the US.

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