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Digital Technology lecture series climaxes in Monrovia today

By Lincoln G. Peters  

The Internet Society Liberia Chapter with sponsorship from the Internet Society Foundation and C-Squared Liberia (ISOC-Liberia) will today, 26 August 2022 climax the Liberia School of Internet Governance 3rd Edition which began here on 3 August.

The Internet Society Liberia Chapter has since worked with other Internet and Information Communication Technology (ICT) stakeholders in Liberia to organize the Liberia School of Internet Governance and Forum (LSIG/LIGF) that brings together local actors in ICT policy discussions. 

Mr. Matthew Roberts, president of the Internet Society Liberia Chapter, revealed the initiative in an interview with this paper Wednesday, 24 August 2022. 

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LSIG’s mission is to increase the capacity of key actors and potential actors in the local internet governance space. 

These include traditional human rights defenders and civil society organizations, students, academia, the tech community, and government departments. 

These actors are also commissioned to participate in international internet policy making, thereby contributing African perspectives to global debates.

The objective of the training is to get participants to understand internet governance and increase the mass of people contributing to internet policymaking in Liberia and globally.

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The program also aims to equip participants with skills to effectively participate in internet governance discussions and forums. 

It further aims to provide networking opportunities for different stakeholders and provide actors involved in internet governance (trainers) with feedback on emerging issues. 

In response to a need for new voices, ISOC Liberia Chapter with support from the Internet Society Foundation collaborated with the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of Liberia, Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA), AUC, Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA), and other stakeholders to organize the first and second edition of Liberia School of Internet Governance (LSIG) 2020 and 2021.

The third edition of the school is being sponsored by the Internet Society Foundation and C-Squared Liberia, making it possible to enroll 50 fellows in the PRIDA e-learning program and with 100 plus participants attending three days of virtual sessions.

According to Mr. Matthew Roberts, his institution opened the application early to enable more youthful Liberians to apply and form part of the training.

He said the Liberia Internet School of Governance 3rd Edition is a more mind-blowing experience than any other previous training the institution has facilitated.

He said security and rights of citizens on the use of the internet are critically looked at during the training.

“This 3rd Edition of the Liberia School of Internet Governance application process took place from August 1- 13, 2022,” he said. 

“This year’s school is a hybrid one that brings together leaders from government, enterprises, universities, civil society, and nonprofits to discuss the most important issues facing the Internet,” he noted.

Mr. Matthew said the training is done online via webinar, e-learning, and will climax with a one-day in-person session today at the Corina Hotel in Monrovia. –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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