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Dillon accuses First Lady Clar Weah  

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Opposition Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon says First Lady Madam Clar Marie Weah is a complete embarrassment and failure to the women and children of Liberia.

Speaking over the weekend in a live Facebook post, Mr. Dillon cited Madam Weah’s alleged failure to speak on the increasing wave of rape and other sexual and gender-based violence against women and children across the country. 

According to Senator Dillon, he is utterly disappointed in Madam Weah as a mother of the country who has unhindered access to the President of Liberia.

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He asserted that children and babies are being raped every day, with some resulting in the death of the victims, but the First Lady has been silent.

“Clar Weah, mother of this country, you are embarrassing some of us. It’s disappointing Madam Weah that you can’t even muster the courage to speak for the children of this country. The children are raped, some die in the process,” Dillon said.

“Mother Weah please wake up because I don’t know who else the president can listen to apart from you,” he pleaded.

Dillon said he is aware that Madam Weah does not have the legal authority to fight rape, prosecute crimes and pass laws as lawmakers do. 

However, he suggested that she has that moral authority and proximity to the one who has the responsibility and duty to protect the children of this country. 

“Your silence at this time is very bad and you need to speak for the protection of children in this country.”

Dillon wondered what Mrs. Weah is saying in the ears of the President to wake up his conscience to stand up for the protection of these children.

He also pondered as to how Madam Weah is taking advantage of her proximity with the president, saying people are vulnerableAs , raped and abused.

“Their parents are crying for justice with pain in their hearts,” he noted.


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