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Dillon gives marching order

-stones for stones, guns for guns

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Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon has issued a marching order to his supporters instructing them to return stones at President George Weah’s convoy or his residence anytime stones are thrown at him at his rallies. He also declared that his supporters will return guns, when the supporters of Weah and Thomas Fallahuse same.

“One rock thrown at me going forward, rocks will be thrown at George Weah’s convoy. If he is scare to leave his house, we will throw stones at his house, I Darius Dillon say so.”Sen. Dillon said angrily as he reacted to violent clashes between his supporters and that of his opponent from the ruling party, Thomas Fallah.

On Sunday September 13, both candidates were at opposite end of the St. Paul’s Bridge Community were violent erupted among supporters amidst stones throwing.

“Ehn they say they get gun, when they show gun, they will not know where gun will come from to respond,” the people’s Senator vented while increasing the tempo saying “I’m going to give this marching order to all members of the CPP (Collaborating Political Parties) who believe in our judgment, we will carry rocks with us anywhere we are going. We will carry weapons that we have to protect ourselves anywhere we’re going,”

In his live video reacting to violent clashes, Sen. Dillon warned enough is enough and that it was time for him to lead his people.

“The next time rock is thrown or disruption occur at my program going forward, there will be no electoral program in this town by Thomas Fallah. George Weah convoy will be stoned. We will stone it!” Angry Sen. Dillon repeated as he did severally in the video.

He then quipped: “Had anything happened to me today (Sunday), I wonder George Weah thinks he was going to sleep at his house. Had anything happened to me today, I wonder George Weah thinks he will be at his house drinking Hennesseyin celebration because something happened to me.”

Sen. Dillon wonders whyhis rallies should always be attacked and not the other way round. He says his opponent Rep. Fallah has had so many programs in communities around the county and his supporters have stayed away, not wanting to be mixed up with them, but when it comes to his program, supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) will go there to disrupt and disturb the program with deliberate intend to harm him.

He also took a whip at the mainstream media saying whenever these things happened some are paid to put a negative spine on them to make him look bad.

“I’m waiting for the International Community and the Inter-religious Council to call me to a meeting. I would have been killed and today and my death would have been politicized.

Meanwhile, in a press statement issued Monday September 14, reacting to Sen. Dillon’s threats, CDC said it categorically condemns the threat of violence and war-mongering emanating from the CPP Senator.

“The CDC calls on all well-meaning Liberians, civil society groupings, the international community, and our development partners to categorically condemn the latest threat on our peace by Senator Dillon,” the statement noted.

The statement further that Dillon’s threats to disrupt the pending election, throw stones at any government functions, gatherings of the CDC and the convoy of the President speaks volumes.

The CDC claims Sen. Dillon has been campaigning freely; no one has ever attacked him because the CDC believes in peaceful coexistence and the protection of the fundamental rights to movement, association and freedom of speech for every Liberian regardless of their political, religious or ethnic persuasions.

The CDC views Mr. Dillon’s statement as not only inciting but disruptive of the peace and stability of our country; and is tantamount to threat against constituted authority, a recipe for chaos and a destabilization attempt in our already fragile democracy that we are all trying to nurture to maturity.

“We call on the national security apparatus to remain vigilant and bring to book anyone involved in any acts of violence.

We have facts that the unfortunate situation in district #16 yesterday was staged and orchestrated by known supporters of Sen. Dillon upon his instructions; evident by the brutalization and blooding of many of our partisans attending this Press conference.

The CDC calls on its partisans not to be provoked in the midst of violence and should always to seek legal redress even if violence is meted out against any CDCian.

The CDC makes clear that it will not tolerate any act of violence by any of its structures, partisans or leaders and will not hesitate to institute necessary disciplinary actions against any partisan involved in violence.

We hence, call on the United Nation, the Government and People of the United States of America, AU, EU, and ECOWAS to monitor the CPP as it is a violent institution which can do anything in desperation for power, evident by its bloody primary in Nimba which had less than two hundred participants as compared to the CDC’s peaceful and transparent primaries held Nationwide with over fifty thousand participants,” statement added.

By Othello B. Garblah

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