Dillon suspends bodyguard involved in fist-fight

By Bridgett Milton

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has indefinitely suspended his personal guard Joe Golo, pending full investigation into a fist-fight with one Friday Sayon and his girlfriend in Chicken Soup Factory community, Gardnersville on Sunday while off duty, leaving him with a broken nose and cut on his forehead. 

According to Senator Dillon, he was told both parties in the fist-fight sustained serious injuries, but does not know the details yet. He said any act of violence and brutality is very unfortunate, totally unacceptable and condemned.

“I must state that Joe is not above the Law because he is assigned to and works for me. He was not on duty when he did his personal thing. He was neither protecting me at the time nor was I there. I am only just being informed. He was not acting and did not act upon my instructions. 

I am hereby indefinitely suspending Joe, pending full investigation, and the Law must take its course”, Senator Dillon said.

However, Dillon said he’s so sorry about the incident and will personally reach out to the family.

On late Sunday evening April 24, 2022, the bodyguard assigned to Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon got in a fist-fight with a private citizen only identified as Foday and his girlfriend, beating them up.

According to sources, Golo called the girlfriend of Friday Sayon in the night, and the lady refused to respond to the call, and when Friday asked why he was calling his girlfriend, the Senator’s security got annoyed which led to a fight.

Meanwhile, the two victims are currently admitted at the ELWA hospital in Paynesville, while Joe Golo is being interrogated by Police.


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