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Dillon to be officially inducted Thursday

-vows to publish his assets

Newly certificated Montserrado County Sen. Abraham Darius Dillon says when inducted into office this Thursday, 15 August, he will declare his assets and his chief of office staff will work with the Secretary of the Senate to publish them.

Mr. Dillon, the winning candidate for the collaborating opposition political parties in the just – ended Montserrado County Senatorial and Representative – by elections made the vow Tuesday, 13 August during a welcome ceremony organized by staff on Capitol Hill in honor of Grand Bassa County Sen. Nyonblee Karnga – Lawrence.

Sen. Dillon assures that he will let everyone know the exact money that Senators are receiving here so that they can work together to have it cut for the benefit of the Liberian people.Meanwhile, Sen. Dillon says it is by God’s Grace that Sen. Karnga -Lawrence is back on her feet.

Sen. Lawrence is the widow of fallen Montserrado County District #15 Rep. Adolph Lawrence who died in a car crash this year.Following the death of her husband, Sen. Karnga – Lawrence has forsome time been away to mourn the loss of her husband.The late Rep. Lawrence’s death prompted another by – election in District #15 that is also led by another opposition candidate TeliaUrey against ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) candidate Abu Kamara while the National Elections Commission (NEC) looks into a complaint filed by the leading candidate.

The Senatorial by – election was equally prompted by the death of Sen.Geraldine Doe – Sheriff following illness.“When the fight of social justice dies, there should be other fighters to keep the fight and we are with you today to fight for justice,”Sen. Dillon asserts.

He notes that even if he will be senator for one day, something will change. According to Sen. Dillon, if inside is not correct, outside will not be correct, vowing to help in the fight to put the light on.Also speaking, Grand Bassa County Sen. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence says the election of opposition candidate Abraham Darius Dillon to the Senate against ruling CDC candidate Paulita Wie shows that the people have taken back their power.

Sen. Lawrence expresses optimism that Liberians will continue to take back their power until the right leaders are elected.“We depend on the people to help push our voices of small numbers of dependable leaders that we have now to elect more dependable leaders for the betterment of the country,” She says.

Speaking of the death of her husband, Sen. Lawrence indicates that people always say time heals, but for her it got harder when she lost her husband.She thanks Vice President Jewel Howard – Taylor for serving as a big sister during the time of her (Nyonblee’s) bereavement.

She also thanks the Capitol Building staffers who were always there for her.The Grand Bassa County Senator narrates that the surprise welcome organized by the Capitol Building staff has softened the ground for her to work.Additionally, Sen. Lawrence blasts that the decision taken during the impeachment trial against former Associate Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh shows that Liberia’s Judiciary is not independent.
She recalls that during the impeachment process, she told the Liberian Senate that it was a time for Senators to redeem the country, but her colleagues acted on the contrary.

For her part, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor says the death of Rep. Lawrence should be a light to the widow, adding that she has alot of work to do for the people of Grand Bassa and the Liberian people at large.

River Gee County Sen. Commany B. Wesseh says it’s the first time for staffers to welcome a legislator who has lost their loved ones, saying that others have lost their loved ones but have not received this warm welcome.

He says [among] the “Senators for Justice and Peace,” Sen. Lawrence is the youngest, but she is the head of the group because she is a leader.
The River Gee County Senator concludes that it was during the time of the unconstitutional attack on the judiciary when Rep. Adolph Lawrence passed.–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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