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Dirt is Liberia’s problem

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-Attorney Wesseh

A Liberian Lawyer at the International Law Group or ILG in Monrovia, Attorney Madina Wesseh has urged PMG Sanitation Incorporated, a new sanitation company to transform the sanitation sector of Liberia.

Atty. Wesseh, a former executive secretary to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, said dirt is Liberia’s problem, saying PMG is turning it into sanitation. “Dirt get money inside so the money part there, that’s why our dear brothers from the PMG came together and they have informed the city that they will be taking that aspect of recycling.”

Serving as chief launcher recently for the group, she encouraged the company to get involve in recycling and educating residents who are disposing dirt in the streets. She said community involvement in garbage collection is very important, stressing it is time that people have dignity in labor by supporting the group to keep the city clean.

An assistant to the Mayor of Paynesville City, Martin Gibson described the situation of dirt in the city as embarrassing, noting it does not only present a picture of an emerging health crisis, but gives the city a poor human face.

Martin said his boss is pleased to have another sanitation company coming in existence to help clean the city through garbage collection. “Sanitation has become and continues to be a challenge for Paynesville. Garbage comes from communities every day, in fact, because of that, the problem we face now, 85% of the garbage cannot be collected from homes because we do not have the capacity. The national government has been trying but there are other priorities government looks after, so we are happy that a young company like PMG is coming in to help us to solve this problem,” he said.

An official of PMG, George Sirleaf, said the company started a month ago by three individuals, Prince Morgan and George. He said the idea came about after noticing the challenge the city is faced with in the collection of garbage.

“We’re trying to introduce a new system of garbage collection in this country; we understand that there are others who are collecting garbage but we want to bring in new style in waste collection,” he added. George said PMG will go out in the communities and engage residents as well as provide education.

He said the people who produce the garbage are part of the garbage collection process, and as such, they need to be educated in the process. “We are not only here to make money; we are here to provide education and teach people how to use the materials in garbage collection.”

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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