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Disable Community Cry on Nimba Authorities

People living with disabilities in Nimba County have begun complaining over the continuous refusal by the local to release their share the County Social Development funds amounting to USD 50,000.

The official spokesperson of the Nimba Disable Community, Gabriel Duoso, speaking to radio Sehnwai recently, said the amount was announced as allotted to the county’s disable community during the last three sittings of the county’s development meeting but the funds were yet to be made available to them.

Mr. Duoso said the Nimba disable Union has planned to construct a “disable training center” in Sanniquellie to help build the capacities of some of their colleagues in various sectors of trade like tie dying, sowing, adult literacy programs including providing study grants for studies for others living with disability in the county to enroll in institutions of higher learning in the country.
Meanwhile, the Nimba disable community is calling on Civil Society Organizations, lawmakers, and humanitarian entities to help persuade the county administration in providing their share of the county natural resource benefits.

When contacted, the Project Management Committee Chairman Peterson Walker said he can’t run his administration on media.

-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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