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Dishonesty. Dual Citizenship

Although there is no international convention or agreement on Dual Citizenship or Nationality and/or Multiple Nationality, but they are patent violations of the main, basic Requirements of Citizenship – allegiance, loyalty and patriotism – therefore, laws are made, with the proviso, to be amended or repealed in the event that the socio-cultural, economic and political conditions that gave rise to the passing of such laws are not, any longer valid and effective. But Dual Citizenship or Nationality and/or Multiple Nationality are granted, generally, to applicants for naturalization upon pledges of allegiance, loyalty, patriotism and renunciation of all, previous, nationalities.

Recently, addressing members of her Senate colleagues, Senator NyonbleeKarngar-Lawrence(LP, Grand Bassa County) “called upon the Senate to reject the nomination of Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudikeas chairman of the Nation’s National Elections Commission (NEC) in a proposed amendment submitted by the President, passed by both Houses of the National Legislature, signed by the President and awaiting referendum” (Front Page Africa, March 26, 2020).

The Honorable Senator said, further, that “the Legislature and the President ‘agreed thata Liberian born to both or one parent with citizenship of another (foreign) country will be given dual citizenship,but will not be appointed to certain government positions, because of being a citizen of two countries, such persons will also be beholding to dual allegiances’ (a violation of loyalty and patriotism). But, today, the President, who proposed this amendment, has nominated a Nigerian-born citizen as a Liberian to head the National Elections Commission”.

Also, generally, dual citizenship or nationality and/or multiple nationality rest upon grants to naturalization applicants by, almost, all nations in exchange for their pledges of allegiance, loyalty and patriotism, with renunciation of previous nationalities. Now, for the Republic of Liberia, a nation whose People fled from human servitude, cruelty and human degradation, CITIZENSHIP IS CRUCIAL, CRITICAL AND THE ONLY SGNIFICANT OPTION.

Therefore,Article 28 of the Liberian Constitution of 1986,based on the LiberianAlien & Nationality Lawpassed and approved on May 9, 1974 whichprovides that “person, at least one of whose parents was a citizen of Liberia at the time of the person’s birth, shall be a citizen of Liberia; provided that any such person shall, upon reaching (the age of) maturity (18 years and over) renounces any other citizenship acquired by virtue of one parent being a citizen of another (foreign) country . . .”.

Consequently, Liberian Alien and Nationality Law of 1974 and Article 28 of the Constitution of 1986 have, effectively, banned dual citizenship, dual nationality and/or multiple nationalityfor all time because of the prevailing socio-cultural, economic and political conditions – political infidelity, renunciation of allegiance, disloyalty and lack of patriotism to the Republic. But these conditions, including public/private dishonesty are not only valid, exist and with us today, but also, have increased over time and, “above all else”, corruption and stealing of public resources have increased tremendously!!

Therefore both Houses of the National Legislature ERRED and IN SERIOUS VIOLATION of the Alien and Nationality Law of 1974 and Article 28 of the Constitution of Liberia of 1986.

LOSS OF LIBERIAN CITIZENSHIP: Chapter 22, Section 22.1 of the Liberian Alien & Nationality Law provides:

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a) “Obtaining naturalization in a foreign state . . . provided that citizenship shall not be lost by any person . . . as the result of the naturalization of a parent or parents while such person is under the age of 21 years, unless such person shall fail to enter Liberia to establish a permanent residence prior to his/her twenty-third birthday”;

b) “Taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state . . .”;

c) “Exercising a free choice to enter or serve in the armed forces of a foreign state, unless prior to such entry or service is specifically authorized by the President (of Liberia)”;
d) “Voting in a political election in a foreign state or voting in an election or plebiscite to determine the sovereignty of a foreign state over foreign territory”; and

e) “Making a formal renunciation of Liberian nationality before a diplomatic or consular officer of Liberia in a foreign state in such form that may be prescribed by the Secretary of State (of Liberia)”.

Thus dual, Liberian-foreign citizenship or simply “dual citizenship” has been banned, outlawed and rendered “illegal effectively” during the nation’s history of 172 years to this today. Unless the prevailing powerful, highly-organized, with millions of US dollar-support, and the “national quest” ARE able to show, upon validated proof, that the socio-cultural, economic and political conditions which gave rise to the passing of the law against dual citizenship no longer exists. But to say that will be sadly untrue, because the evidence to the contrary is all around us and in our daily lives.

There are some critical, relevant and troubling questions which include the Senator’s “certain positions in government that dual citizens, including Cllr. Nwabudike, are not allowed to hold”.

But the legality of Cllr. Nwabudike’s Liberian citizenship is unquestionable and is not one of the questions because the issue of legality had been established by his admission to the Supreme Court Bar years ago. But the troubling question is this Nigerian-born“Smarty’s” Liberia-ness, his very close association with “colleagues” of Liberia’s dreaded-TWP attorneys and long-time political strategists-operators. Is he a foreign citizen, perhaps, of the USA, in the light of the of Liberia-TWP tradition? This question is as important as it is relevant, given the fiasco history of the former President Sirleaf and Cllr. Jerome Korkoya that took the nation to the brink of a constitutional crisis. Unfortunately, Front Page Africa did not ask this direct question during its exclusive, recent press interview (Front Page Africa, March 23, 2020).

Dual Citizenship in Liberia
In a recent article, we held that the passionately-, hotly-debated battle for continual legalDENIAL or amendment-repeal ACCEPTANCE as public Policy of Dual citizenship which has replaced, effectively, the Masonic Craft in socio-cultural, economic and political Liberian affairs ,now, flexes its muscles.Though illegal in Liberia, Dual Citizenshiphas become the “don” or the undisputed-mastermind and controlled-leader of those Liberians who desireeconomic,political and social-class symbol; therefore:

a) Any Liberian who is “somebody” in Liberian socio-economic and political affairsis or must be a citizen of a foreign country and have two Passports, Liberian and foreign; and

b) Any Liberianwho wants to be “somebody” in Liberian socio-economic andpolitical affairs strives to acquire citizenship of foreign country. In this way, Dual citizenship has become the primary goal for economic and political achievement and a socio-political class symbol.

Unlike the Masonic Craft, DualCitizenship, as indicated, is illegal in Liberia; it is against LiberianLaws onCitizenship, Elections, Alien & Nationality and Constitutional Laws for Liberian citizen to hold foreign citizenship while, simultaneously, a Liberian citizen. But Liberian law recognizes that any Liberian citizen may take on naturalized citizenship of foreign country, but by doing so, the Liberian loses his/her Liberian citizenship, although Liberian Plenipotentiary (Ambassador) appointed, recently, to the Court of Saint James in the United Kingdom is a Dual Citizen who holds two passports, Diplomatic Liberian and a US Ordinary passport!

It is important to note that Dual Citizenship Liberia and its Diaspora-based organizers- supporters have been, and are engaged, vigorously, in seeking amendment/repeal of the laws against dual citizenship by numerous legislations pending before the Legislature, including the Alien & Nationality Law.

The Liberia’s Pandora Box
Thus, our country has been, and is, in for a long haul, because that which is being sought to be revealed, perhaps piece-meal, by the Reportsis a tip of the iceberg. A detailed comprehensive revelation with public exposure, driven by “guts, courage, the political-will and loyalty/patriotism” reminiscent of the diplomatic Wikileaks, are absolute necessities.

Dragged before the nation’s Supreme Court on charges of being a Dual Citizen (US and Liberia), a violation of Elections and Constitutional Law, with overwhelming, validated evidence, Cllr. Jerome Korkoya, then Chairman of Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC), told the High Court that “Those making the claim (charges against him) are opening a Liberian Pandora Box . . . why come after me . . . take the issue up with the Executive Branch of government (headed by President Sirleaf) that appointed me”(Front Page Africa, June 23, 2017).

Thus, Cllr. Korkoya likened the control and domination of the nation’s Government- Governance, economic management and its Political Economy dominated, controlled, by DualCitizenship and, also, likenedto theancient Greek mythology of the Pandora Box.

Moreover, the massive “control & domination” may be compared to the pastChicago-styled political “system” – smoke-filled and closed-door/back rooms and wheeling-dealing a la the famous,deadly Mafia and Liberia’s corps of the highly-educated Dual Citizens – MBAs, MSCs, PhDs, LLMs – who developed Liberia Corruption, Inc.into successful, thriving, big business supported financially, mainly, by government’s successful salary/wage allowances policy.

Dishonest beneficiaries of this policy, officials of government, have been, and are, in collusion with foreign-owned vendors of portable electric power generators, expensive vehicles and related merchandise,objects of the salary/wage allowances.

Liberia dual Citizens are, now, in control of the Corridors of State Power and have become a potent political force. All, almost, Dual Citizens own and maintain homes in the foreign countries of their citizenships, countries to which they plan to escape in order to avoid arrest/prosecution for law violations of massive stealing. From the top (former President Sirleaf) through such political notables as Drs. Amos Sawyer and Elwood Dunn (known US citizen) to the bottom ofall leading government officials own homes in foreign countries.

Executives and staffof the three Branches of Government – Legislative, Executive and Judiciary – are Dual Citizens (particularly, Finance & Development Planning Ministry (that plans and develops nothing but corruption) and Liberia Revenue Authority).

State-owned Enterprises – National Port Authority (NPA), Liberia Petroleum Refinery Corporation (LPRC), National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCOL), Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA), Liberia Airport Authority (LAA), Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA), etc. – are all enclaves for Dual Citizens.

Liberian Law & our Recent Research Findings:
1) Firstly, according to the following constitutional provisions, a Liberian citizen who becomes naturalized citizen of a foreign country and, therefore, has lost his/her Liberian citizenship (now an alien) may not engage in the political process and/or stand for and hold elective as well as appointive public office. Such Liberian who, in fact, is an alien, is ineligible to:

a) Stand for election as member of the Legislature (Article 30 of the Constitution);
b) Hold the offices of president and vice president (Article 52(a);
c) Become member of the judiciary (Articles 68(a) & 69(a); and
d) Vote and/engage in the political process (Article 77(b).

2) Secondly, our research information on the Citizenship Status of declared candidates forPresident during the last October 10, 2017 general electionsrevealed that of the 12 politicians seeking the presidency of Liberia, including the retiring, none-candidate President Sirleaf, 6 or 50% are US citizens, 4 or 33% are in doubt, while only 2 or 17% are Liberian citizens. Thus, the reason that all, almost, politicians and political parties supported the illegal appointment of Cllr. Jerome Korkoya as Chairman of the NEC in order to secure and protect their self-interests – Dual Citizenship!

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