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Do Not Overlook Us- SEAT Warns Politicians

The organizing chairman of the South Eastern Alliance for Transformation (SEAT), a socio-economic development and peace building group is calling on politicians not to ignore the South Eastern Region in the political decision making processes leading up to the 2017 general and presidential elections.

The disclosure was made when members of the Executive Council, headed by Nathaniel Gbaba, Emmanuel NimleyTogba, Yedeba John Brownell and others paid a courtesy call on Chairman Plingloh Emmanuel Munyeneh at his residence. The group noted that the South Eastern Region and its people have been placed at a disadvantageous position for too long, and it’s about time that efforts be made to include the region in the demographics of the governance structure.

Citing several key positions, the Executive Council noted that positions of Speaker of the House of Representative, President of the Senate Pro-Tempore as well as that of the Chief Justice have no South Eastern representation; something the group said is likely to be a key factor in the upcoming elections. “If we are not good for key strategic positions in Government, then we are also not good to surround of votes as well” the Executive Council noted. The region has at least 10 senators and more than 10 representatives at the national legislature.

The group said that while presidential candidates are moving around selecting their running mates from so-called vote rich counties such as Bong and Nimba, not a single one of them is thinking about the South Eastern Region. “We are not a collection of counties, we are a block and as such must be respected in these processes or else we will shift the balance of political power” the Council noted. All of the densely populated communities in Montserrado, the biggest vote rich County comprised of people from the South Eastern Region. Communities such as New Kru Town, West Point, Doe Community, Gardnersville, Clara Town are overwhelmed with South Easterners.

In their closing remarks, the group noted that if nothing is done to reflect the demographic dividend in the political representational processes, a decision will be reached on the next plan of action. “And such a decision may not be good for those politicians that are overlooking us, the Executive Council warned” For his part, Chairman Munyeneh thanked the Executive Council for their visit and insightfulness into the political imbalance which is affecting the South Eastern Region. He noted that the region remains the natural resources hub of the Country and as such it should be very influential in the political and economic decision making processes. He urged the Executive Council to be very strategic during this political dispensation as any rallying decision SEAT makes at this crucial time could result into a victory call.

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