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Do the right things to avoid protest

-Senator Wesseh

River Gee County Senator Conmany Best Wesseh cautions the CDC-led government to focus on doing the “right things” for the citizenry.Sen. Wesseh’s statement is in response to a planned massive protest slated for December 30, organized by a group under the banner Council of Patriot (CoP).COP threatens to stage a nationwide protest to bring the Weah government down due to the harsh economy condition in the Country.

However, Senator Wesseh says if the livelihood of the Liberian people is improved there is no need for protest.
Speaking in an interview, he alludes to the fact that citizens are faced with serious hardship, so it is the responsibility of the current government to focus on policies that would revival the damaged economy.

The Senator maintains it is the right of citizens to assembly peacefully to petition their government on issues of concern as guaranteed in Constitution of Liberia.He notes that government is equally under obligation to protect those would-be protesters.

Historicizing the deadly “April 14, 1979 Rice Riot”, Senator Wesseh defended that it was a peaceful assembly. However, that riot turned bloody and led to several deaths.The former activist who was one of those behind the infamous Rice Riot continues that it was the government that turned the peaceful assembly into a bloody riot.

“Only people who are ignorant to the issue of the 1979 assembly will believe that we started violence in this Country. Because the April 14, 1979 Rice Riot was organized to be peaceful, and we did everything to make it peaceful, but it was the intervention of the state security that led to the first person been gunned down”, he argues.

The River Gee Lawmaker who also chairs the Joint Legislative Committee on Modernization also laments the economy is in turmoil, and what is required now is the best brains to have it fix.On integrity at the Central Bank of Liberia, he believes there are efforts to completely restructure the CBL, especially with the nomination of a new Executive Governor.

Wesseh emphasizes that having the best team at the nation’s Central Bank will help to restore confidence in the banking sector, along with meeting other benchmarks that could eventually allow the country to enter into the IMF program. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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