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Do they have votes?

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaSeveral lawmakers here have embarked on an endorsement spree of the Unity Party or UP presidential hopeful, Vice President Joseph Boakai’s 2017 presidential bid.

But what remains to be seen is whether their endorsements can be translated into votes as many of them face stiff oppositions in their respective districts. The endorsement of VP Boakai by some 31 members of the House of Representatives follows similar endorsement by about 19 Senators on the grounds of the Capitol Building two weeks ago.

Most of the lawmakers endorsing VP Boakai have been critical of President Sirleaf, it also remains to be seen how they will be able to detach VP Baokai from President Sirleaf’s alleged failures.

However, reading Mr. Boakai’s endorsement message Thursday, 25 May, Nimba County District #8 Representative Larry P. Yanquoi said for 14 years, Liberia has experienced political upheaval due in large measure to poor governance and bad leadership.

19 Senators had pledged their support to Mr. Boakai roughly two weeks ago, adding to the numerous endorsements that he continues to receive from different groups and individuals for his presidential bid here.

Rep. Yanquoi says the past 10 years have witnessed tremendous socio-economic and political transformation under the Unity Party or UP led government, suggesting that they have resulted in Liberia’s reemergence as responsible member in the comity of nations.

The Nimba lawmaker, on behalf of the pro – Boakai representatives noted that the vice president possesses the necessary moral, leadership and technical competencies to ensure economic prosperity for all Liberians.

The pro- Boakai representatives are contending that the vice president has the credentials to promote genuine reconciliation, a thriving democracy and sustained peace and security here.

Rep. Yonquoi claims that Vice President Boakai is the most experiencedand is the best alternative in preserving the gains realized which areaimed at further enhancing economic prosperity for all.

In response to the endorsement, Vice President Boakai recalled that just few days ago, 19 senators endorsed him, and it is now 31 representatives.

Recognizing that the lawmakers represent people at the Legislature, Mr. Boakai considers the endorsement by the lawmakers as showing that Liberians are now ready for change. The vice president suggests that Liberians are now saying they want peace, [reconciliation] and development.

For his part, House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay said when he took overas Speaker of the House of Representatives, he promised to ensure that theHouse of Representatives is united. He said the endorsement of VicePresident Boakai has been organized in a unique manner and he is willing to stand by the pro – Boakai camp legislators at all times and wish them well in their sojourn.
By Bridgett Milton-Edited by Winston W. Parley

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