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Doctor Calls For Staff Motivation

A Liberian medical doctor wants staff motivation at various institutions in the country. Doctor Odell Kumeh, Chief Health Officer of Maryland County, said appreciating employees for hard work and dedication inspires them and increases their commitment to the job.

She said it also creates a conducive working environment thereby promoting efficiency at work, saying that motivation, whether awards or “a big thank you” pays a lot. Kumeh made the statement Tuesday when she served as keynote speaker at an honoring and recognition program for 61 employees of the Cavalla Rubber Corporation in Pleebo/ Sodoken District in Maryland County.

The honorees, among them four females and 56 males were selected from various sections and departments of the plantation, including security, education and construction departments respectively. They were awarded certificates, tokens and shirts in appreciation for their immense contribution to the productivity of the company through hard work and dedicated.

Kumeh further congratulated and admonished them to continue to server as torch bearer of the company. She also lauded the Management of CRC and urged others to follow suit. Also speaking, SIFCA Deputy Managing Director John Barkemeni reassured the workers of his entity’s commitment to promote their interest and wellbeing.

“To our honorees, it is difficult to get to where you are, but be mindful of a back trap; that is your area, hold it, and hold it strong. And those that did not make it there we have another year ahead; if you work like Sunday Boatue (one of the exceptional honorees) and the others you will get there”, the SIFCA executive said.

Responding to an open apology from the Pleebo Concerned Youth, Barkemeni assured them the company has no malice against anyone, adding that “For us, we hold no malice; we have open minds. The development of Pleebo/Sodoken District is our utmost concern.”

He further emphasized that that company will not engage in “water politics.” “What we will not waste our time to do is water politics, which is going on the radio and saying a lot and doing nothing”, he said.

According to him, both the Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC) and the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation (MOPP) – two sister companies under the SIFCA group of companies goal is to positively transform the lives of Liberians. Barkemeni asserted, “It will be ideal that someone take our places as we will be facing out”.

On behalf of fellow honorees Boah Wilson lauded the management and promised that they will even harder in the years ahead to receive more honors.

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