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Does the Bible Condemn Polygamy? – Part 5

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I maintain that those who preach and teach that the Bible forbids Christians to practice polygamy are wrong. The claim that it is wrong for a Christian man to marry more than one wife is unscriptural. The claim is an invented or mad-made doctrine; it has no Biblical basis.

It seems that because those who invented the teaching presented it confidently consistently over a long period, many other individuals have come to consider it a truly scriptural teaching. It is not.

I have already presented four arguments in favor of polygamy thus far, as proffered in Part I and reiterated in Parts 2, 3 & 4. First, polygamy is not an evil or immoral practice. Second, polygamy is nowhere condemned in the Bible. Third, polygamy is a normal part of man’s nature and existence. Fourth, the New Testament does not say that polygamy is wrong or unacceptable. The only group of Christians forbidden to practice polygamy are bishops and deacons because I Timothy 3 says that they should have only one wife; meaning, if I don’t want to be a bishop or a deacon, I can marry two, three, four or as many wives as I choose to. Again, I Timothy 3 is my proof. If any pastor or Bible teacher or Christian wants to debate this, I am ready.

In Part 3, I began refuting some of the so-called strong arguments or points against polygamy. For instance, some argue that polygamy is wrong because we didn’t have it in the beginning. They contend that God made one Eve for one Adam, meaning, they maintain, every man must have one wife. But this is a weak argument because there are many things we do today that were not part of things at the beginning, or there are things we don’t do today, but which were part of the things at the beginning.  God made Adam and Eve and never gave them any clothes to wear. They were naked in the beginning. Should we go naked, too? When they ate the forbidden fruit and fell, God gave them meat skin. Should we wear meat skin, too? Also, when God made Adam and Eve, He did not put them in any house. He left them to live in the open. Should it be forbidden for us to live in houses? 

The point is that not because a certain thing or format was the reality in the past – at the beginning of things – so every other thing or format in that category would or should follow that thing or format. For example, God made Adam out of the dust of the ground, but that does not mean that He would continue to make human beings in the same way. Likewise, taking Eve out of Adam’s side in the beginning does not mean that He would make women in a similar fashion.

In Part 4, I focused on refuting another so-called strong argument against polygamy – that is, the argument that polygamy is wrong because the Apostle Paul says in I Corinthians 7:2 that EVERY man must have his own WIFE.

As I stated in Part 4, to argue that polygamy is wrong and unacceptable all because Paul uses the word “wife,” not “wives,” in I Corinthians 7:2, is not only illogical, but also hypocritical in that those who argue in such a fashion soon fail the consistency test in other instances.  I say this because the same Paul says in I Timothy 3:4, which is a passage about the qualifications of a bishop, that the bishop is “One that rules well his own house, having his CHILDREN in subjection with all gravity.”

Is the argument fathomed? People say polygamy is wrong because Paul uses WIFE, not WIVES, in I Corinthians 7:2. So, does it follow that since the same Paul uses CHILDREN not CHILD in I Timothy 3:4, no man with only one CHILD can become a bishop? He would have to try hard and have at least two children because Paul says “having his CHILDREN” under control.

Look, sometimes, we all speak in specific terms, but we have a general picture in mind. And, at other times, we use general terms, but we have all situations in mind – specific and general.

If we cannot consistently go by what happened in the beginning or how things were in the beginning, or if we cannot consistently go by what is written about other subjects in other Bible passages, let’s stop fooling ourselves or pretending around here, telling people that every man must have one wife because Paul says every man must have his own wife, or because God made one Eve for Adam in the beginning. An act performed by God is not the same as an instruction given by God. Monogamy is not required of all male Christians; it is required of only those wanting to be bishops or deacons in the church. I Timothy 3 is my proof.

Let’s move to another so-called strong argument usually presented by those who introduced or support the unscriptural, erroneous one-man-one-woman doctrine.

3. Polygamy is wrong because it is a sign of greediness.

I have heard some say that polygamy is wrong because it is a sign of greediness, that the men who want to marry many wives are greedy people. This seems to be a logical argument on the surface, but as one considers it critically, it is soon seen that the argument holds no water.

First, we should not confuse “Polygamy is a sign of greediness” with “The Bible says a Christian man should not marry more than one wife.” The first statement is an opinion, while the second is an incorrect fact. In short, if a person feels or thinks that polygamy indicates that those practicing it are greedy, that feeling or thought should not cause that person to say that the Bible condemns polygamy.

My argument all along is that the Bible does not condemn polygamy; it does not say that a Christian man should have only one wife. There is no part of the Bible that says that. I challenge any Bible teacher or preacher to show it.

Second, if we consider polygamy a sign of greediness because it involves a man having more than one wife, then we will forbid Christians to do many other things because they, too, involve a person having more than one thing. For instance, it would be wrong for a pastor or any Christian, for that matter, to have more than one car, more than one house, more than one plot of land, and so forth. In fact, it could be argued that Christians who have more than one job are greedy Christians. Does one see where the argument could go?

It is possible for one to say, “But this is different because, in the cases you have mentioned, I acquired the items legally.” But this would be no logical argument, as the same could be said about having wives. I could get a Bassa girl and marry her legally. I could find a Kpelle girl and marry her legally, too. I could find a Gola girl and also marry her legally. If anyone calls this greediness, then Christians who have more than one car, house, job, and so forth, should be considered greedy, too.

To be continued…
Believe me, my people. We will never stop following the issues.

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