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Dog saves kidnapped girl

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia

A teenage girl kidnapped by unknown persons in Bopolu District, Gbarpolu County has miraculously been rescued from her captors through the desperate effort of a dog that accompanied her to the market.

Killing people and extracting body parts for ritualistic purpose is an age-old practice in Liberia, particularly around the time of elections.

It all happened recently when little Musu Kamara, 13, of the famous Promise Land Community in Bopolu, was grabbed by her attackers and bonded hands and feet, as well as mouth, waiting to be slaughtered.

But thanks to timely intervention by a hunting dog that had accompanied her, which wasted no time but to attack the unknown men (Hartmen) forcing them to flee, abandoning the victim.

The minor was kidnapped by three unknown hart-men when she and the dog were returning from the market where they had gone to buy food for her step- parents, Mrs.  & Mr.  Moses Bar of the Bopolu Assembly of God Mission Church located in the same community.

During the fight, the dog reportedly attacked and bit one of the kidnappers on his hand before they could take her away into the bush.

Our correspondent from the county says it was at this juncture that the dog immediately ran to town and alerted residents about their ordeal while returning from the market.

Immediately after the dog (usually referred to as man’s best friend) arrived at the house, it jumped on its owners thereby, drawing attention that something strange has transpired.

Without any delay, the master decided to follow the dog and it led him into the bush to where little Musu Kamara was being kept bonded, waiting to be killed.

The girl’s parents then alerted police in the county and neighbors, who quickly rushed to the scene.  The police after preliminary investigation untied the victim and turned her over to her parents.

Addressing journalists on the crime scene, Gbarpolu County Police Superintendent Adlophus S. Cole, said investigation into the incident was ongoing and that the police have made no arrest in connection with the reported kidnap.

Two weeks ago, four children narrowly escaped death when the Chief of Criminal Services Department of the Gbarpolu County Police Detachment (CSD), Emmanuel Queyaneh and the Deputy Commander of the Gbarpolu County Fire Service, Brooks Dougba, allegedly attempted kidnapping four children in the same community.

They were arrested after the mother of the four kids, Madam Tarlee Willie, filed a complaint against the two security officers. Madam Willie told police investigators that the incident happened on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 when she had gone to attend a meeting convened by the United Nations Woman Organization at the Bopolu City Hall.

The four children reportedly missed by  Queyaneh and cohorts, identified the CSD and Fire Service bosses as their attackers during the incident. The children include Musa Kamara, 12, Moses Sheriff, 14, Mohammed Kamara, 13 and Jallah Kamara, 10.

Investigation jointly carried out by UNMIL and police in Bopolu and Bomi County is yet to release findings, while the two arrested local government officials have been transferred to Tubmanburg, Bomi County they were arrested in Gbarpolu County.

Reports have it that both Messrs. Queyaneh and Dougba are roaming freely in Tubmanburg. Further information gathered by this paper also indicates that in 2006, Mr. Queyaneh was allegedly linked to the brutal murder of a woman in Bong Mines, Lower Bong County while serving as CID Commander.

Delay by the police to release findings into the reported murder case resulted led to the burning down of the Bong Mines Police Station by angry mob. Queyaneh during the incident escaped unharmed.

According to sources, in 2007 Queyaneh was reassigned to Gbarpolu County as Chief of Criminal Services Department. Since he took office, sources said the county has witnessed several murder incidents  with no arrest.

In 2009, a two-year baby girl was discovered dead  in a nearby creek with blood drained from her body and dumpped into a creek by her unknown killers.

Eyewitnesses told this paper that Mr. Emmanuel Queyaneh, who spearheaded the investigation, mercilessly flogged the baby’s mother in the presence of onlookers on ground that she is careless.

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