Don Bosco Homes Review 5-year Plan

The Don Bosco Homes here along with its Sierra Leonean partners under the umbrella Connect Partnership Unit or PCU is together reviewing activities carried out by the group in the past five years in the two countries.

In the past five years the group has worked with young people in both countries, helping to reduce poverty through capacity building programs. The meeting is also intended to identify key lessons learnt from the implementation of a five-year strategic grant and how to improve on it in future programme.

Both groups have also been involved in making young people to actualize their values in society. Liberia and Sierra Leone suffered from bloody civil wars which took the lives of hundreds of thousands of their respective peoples.

The head of Don Bosco Homes in Liberia David Konneh, said the homes have played a major role in the lives of youths here, adding that Don Bosco has provided skill training programs and catered to orphans.

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He identified limited education opportunity in the lives of the youths as one of the major challenges faced by young people; something he noted has caused many of them to get in the streets to survive.

The Don Bosco boss observed that most children in orphanages are not orphans, but they find themselves there because their parents do not have the money to send them to school or take care of them. He however discouraged the idea of parents taking their children to orphanages, saying that those children are not orphans so they should not grow up in there.

A representative from the PCU Sierra Leonean branch Mrs. Josephine Koroma, said members in that country have been assisting youths at the national level. She said the PCU in Sierra Leone was able to make young people influenced policy change as well as realized their value as young people.

Madam Koroma praised Liberia for the introduction of the Children Parliament; something she said could be also helpful to Sierra Leone. She then underscored the need for youths of both countries to abandon violence as they have already experienced civil war, respectively.

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