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Don’t be engineers of violence

A young Liberian high school instructor at the Sister Shirley Kolmer Memorial Catholic School is urging fellow young people to say no to violence and avoid being used as engineers of violence as campaigns start here for the October elections.

Instructor Manual Zar urges told the NewDawn in an exclusive interview Tuesday, 1 August that young people should ensure that the upcoming elections are violence freed, expressing observation that the youths are always manipulated.

Mr. Zar says the youths are in majority and they therefore need to think and vote right, while staying away from violence. He cautions that violence helps to destroy the country that “we all” want to build.

He describes as strange, the politics in Liberia, arguing that politics here is more of self interest than national interest. “If many of our young people were gainfully employed, the rate of election violence will reduce”, he claims, and adds that violence must be avoided in these elections.

He also expresses concern that most of the presidential candidates are owning radio stations here, noting that he views it as a serious problem that have the tendency of instigating violence.
By Ethel A. Tweh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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