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Don’t elect troublemaker

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaHouse Speaker and Margibi County District#5 Representative, Emmanuel Nuquay is warning the people of Margibi not to elect any troublemaker to the county’s leadership.

Speaker Nuquay gave the advice recently in Margibi electoral district#4 where he had gone along with some officials, including Representative Edward Karfia of Bong County, and the Margibi County Chairman of the People Unification Party or PUP, who is also a representative aspiring in the district for the upcoming elections.

The Speaker was also accompanied by other local authorities of Margibi to dedicate a town hall in Larkata-ta region of the district.The project was reportedly executed by him, PUP Margibi Chairman and Senator Tornola, respectively.

Speaker Nuquay made specific reference to Margibi County District#4 Representative Ben A. Fofana, who he claims does not like to work with anybody and has consistently tried to cause confusion amongst members of the Margibi Legislative Caucus.

He further claims that among all seven lawmakers of the county, Rep. Fofana is the only person, who is always unwilling to agree with anybody, adding the rest of them have tried very hard to bring the Margibi District #4 Lawmaker on board but to no avail.

He told the citizens that their district is crying for development because their lawmaker (Ben Fofana) cannot co-exist with other lawmakers, and that he alone cannot afford to carry on all of the developments they need.

Nuquay continues that whenever there are some major decisions to be taken in the interest of the county, the lawmaker usually stands alone, emphasizing that legislative work requires team work to succeed.

He warns the citizens that if they supported someone in the caucus, who will not embrace the rest of his colleagues in leadership, they will continue to cry for good leadership and adequate representation.

The Speaker further notes that it is often said that one tree cannot make a forest and one finger cannot pick lice, so it also applies to leadership that a single individual cannot make up a good leadership.

He recounted that Rep. Fofana fought him both at the levels of the Ways and Means Committee of the House and the speaker post, respectively though they both come from the same county, adding that the lawmaker is still finding means to bring about confusion amongst them.

However, Representative Ben A. Fofana has always said that the county leadership is divided and that the rest of his colleagues are against him because he has never agreed to conspire with them against the citizens.

He accused county Superintendent John Z. Buway, Margibi District#2 Representative Ballah G. Zayzay and Speaker Nuquay as main instigators of the division in the caucus.

Ben is also on record for apologizing to the people of Margibi for his comments. In one instance, when he had gone to grace a third term induction ceremony of the Salala Agriculture Workers Union or SAWU headed by a legislative aspirant in the speaker’s district, he called on the citizens not to support any lawmaker seeking a third term. In the county, Rep. Zayzay and Speaker Nuquay are vying for third term.

But Speaker Nuquay says Rep. Fofana too must not be voted for in these elections because he is also seeking a third term, vowing to campaign vigorously in the impending elections to replace Rep. Fofana.

Nuquay and some members of the Margibi County Legislative Caucus have already introduced the Chairman of the People’s Unification Party Mr. Francis F. Cooper as an aspirant on the party’s ticket for the Margibi District#4 seat comes October.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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