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Don’t ‘hand-pick’

-PYJ warns Ellen
The political leader of the newly formed political party – Movement for Reconstruction and Democracy, Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson, has warned President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf not to dream of hand-picking any anyone for the presidency in the ensuing 2017 Presidential and Representatives elections.

Dont hand pick

In view of the foregoing, Senator Johnson threatened swift resistance from the Liberian people – an action in which he would fully participate, re-emphasizing that any attempt for President Sirleaf to hand-pick anyone to succeed her as President of Liberia without due transparent process will not be compromised by the Liberian people.

“The people will use every available means to resist; even the United Nations stand-by force will not have the capacity to calm the situation,” Senator Johnson further threatened. In his last Sunday’s sermon at his church in Paynesville -later aired by a local radio station and Power Television in Monrovia, Senator Johnson – also leader of the defunct Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia that captured and killed former Liberian President Samuel Doe, reiterated that Liberians, including him, will not compromise any result like “cheating” in the 2017 race in terms of favoring a particular candidate to succeed her, threatening uncontrollable resistance.

Johnson pointed out that the Liberian people must decide who their leader will be and not for the President to decide for them. According to him, for the past ten years under the administration of President Sirleaf, the Liberian people have been living in abject poverty, with poor health and messy education system the least to talk about. He claimed that the living condition of the Liberian people could only be changed through popular votes by the electorates.

Senator Johnson warned President Sirleaf to stay far away from the electoral process and that the only best option for the Liberian Chief Executive is to play a natural role in order to avoid tension or electoral violence. Recently, Information Minister Len Eugene Nagbe told the media that about 1,500 United Nations troops will be on the stand-by in neighboring Ivory Coast for any problem that may develop during the electoral period.

But Senator Johnson intimated that why Liberians were yearning for sustained peace and stability, the Liberian people should not be taken for granted by President Sirleaf by tempering with the electoral process to suit ‘her taste for the presidency’. By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Edited by George Barpeen

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