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Don’t rely on America and Britain

The political leader for the opposition Alternative National Congress or ANC, Mr. Alexander Cummings has warned Liberians and the government here to stop depending on the United States, Great Britain and other western countries for assistance.

Speaking at the Center for Intellectual Exchange of Opinion on Carey Street, in Monrovia Wednesday, 22 June Mr. Cummings said the dependency syndrome of Liberians, including the government is wrong and not moving the country forward.

According to him, while it is true the United States has been a great help and traditional partner of Liberia, it was time that the West African nation at 168, learns to shoulder its responsibilities independently and stop begging for handouts.

The Liberian presidential aspirant, who spent about 27 years in the Americas, working for Coco-kola as vice president for Africa, said for too long these powerful western countries have greatly supported Liberia, and it was time the first African Republic stands on its feet and facie head-on challenges that may come her way.

He stressed that Liberia is old enough to take charge of her responsibilities, adding the act of begging foreign countries for assistance is being overly done. Asked to give his views on gay and lesbianism, Cummings said he and his entire family are Christians, indicating that gay practice is not on his agenda, but if this were to be the popular desire of Liberians, he would be left with no option but to follow suit.

He said as a Christian, it makes it difficult for him to support homosexuality or gay and lesbian practices here, noting it is totally against the will of God Almighty.  The ANC political leader, who is very hopeful of winning the presidency come 2017, bragged that he’s the best choice for the country on grounds that he has education, experience and is not tainted with corruption.

Mr. Cummings said one of his commitments to the Liberian people is to build an inclusive government. “A government that reflects all Liberians, people from all geographic, ethnic and religious groups. Because I think the changes to move our country ahead, require that we have as many people in the tent as possible.”

On the question of merger or coalition, he said the ANC is already in preliminary discussions with several political parties and individuals to come together, not only for winning, but to lead the country after the poll.

Trumpeting his reconciliation card, Mr. Cummings insinuated that the country cannot be reconciled if the government is not inclusive.

On the economy, Cummings said his corporate experience from America makes him a strong candidate to fix the Liberian economy. “I often say to people, large corporations are similar, not exactly the same, as governments. They’re similar in the sense that you have to manage large complex organizations, large budgets.”

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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