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Don’t vote on tribal lines

The Principal of the Center for Advancement of Liberian Youth Mission High School, Rev. Roland W.O Zoga is consciencetizing Liberians not to cast their votes based on party or tribal affiliation in the 2017 elections.

He said voters should critically examine candidates and platforms of political parties to determine who is able to move Liberia forward in terms of development and growth. “Voting on party or tribal sentiment will not help develop Liberia,” Rev. Zoga emphasized.

He said voting on party or tribal sentiment has not addressed Liberia’s problems from time in memorial, but rather resulting to more poverty in the country, which needs to be halted. Speaking Thursday October 13, to this paper in an interview at his office in Paynesville, the Liberian clergyman indicated that as 2017 elections draw closer, Liberians should now begin to think critically who they should elect for better leadership, saying “Let’s leave the spirit of political sentiment, let put Liberia first.”

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He called on voters to be conscious in their decision-making come 2017, for whatever decision they will make on the ballot papers in selecting candidate(s) be it positive or negative will affect the entire country.

“Put Liberia first before the casting of your ballot paper into the ballot box”, “Reverend Zoga urged. He called on registered voters to turnout in their numbers to vote in October 2017, reminding citizens that their votes are their right and power.

The Liberian clergy said no one should feel they elected a politician in past elections and that person did not perform well, so they should become discouraged, and do not want to vote, adding, “That should not stop anyone from participating in the 2017 elections.”

According to him, politicians in the Diaspora, who want to become President or representative in Liberia, have absolutely no interest, but are taking Liberia to be a bread basket, so voters should shine their eyes. “They are coming to play game, taking Liberia as their bread basket.”  

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By Zee Roberts

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