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Don’t Get Mad-Get Ready For Change: The NEC Appointment Is Proof-Our People Are Powerless-Our System Is Broken & Corrupt By Design Part I

The appointment of a Nigerian native to serve as the head of Liberia’s National Elections Commission has angered many of President Weah’s supporters and political opponents. Together, both the friends and political foes are united in demanding a presidential withdrawal or calling on the Liberian Senate to reject the appointee. Rejection or withdrawal isn’t a solution of a system designed to enrich and empower politicians and enslave citizens. Contrary to what we were told and taught by America and Liberian Politicians, Liberia was designed by American slave masters (not American Freed Slaves) to keep Africans enslaved forever in America, empowering and enriching Liberian politicians and trapping all residents of the colony of Liberia in poverty and despair.

The 2nd annual report of the ACS was blaunt: “…as is most confidently believed, the colonization of the free people of colour, will render the slave who remains in America more obedient, more faithful, more honest, and, consequently, more useful to his master, is it proper to regard this happy consequence to both, as the sole object which the Society hope to attain…”

After 200 years of swallowing bitter fruits from the corrupt Liberia tree, I ask the angry friends and foes; Are you ready to make change or to keep making noise?

Unlike President Weah’s angry friends and political foes, I am so happy with this appointment not because of its expediency, legality or lack thereof. Like all political appointments in the two century history of the American Colony of Liberia, this appointment is another proof that Liberia’s system of governance is corrupt by design, rotten to the core and must be changed before any progress can be made. Liberia was created by slave masters for the benefit of slave masters, not the people.

How Did I Arrive At This Conclusion?
Thirty five years ago, I founded a Liberian technology company, High Tech Applications Inc, that later won a US State Department subcontract to service computers at US Government embassies and installations in African Nations. My experience while working and living at the US Embassy in Monrovia in 1990 changed my perception about Liberian politics and Liberia’s two century relationship with America.

After President Doe was assassinated. Liberia was drowning in anarchy. There were no commercial flights. This was when I returned to Liberia to fulfill my company’s contractual obligations. I was flown by a US Navy Helicopter from Freetown to the Embassy in Monrovia, where I observed that all Liberian visa applicants were denied visas but foreigners were granted visas. After an incident involving a Liberian lady and child-visa applicants were denied and dragged from the interview window in my presence. Disturbed by the wailing of the woman and child, I asked the visa officer if I could apply for a visa. “Bring your application and passport tomorrow for a visa.” The visa officer said. The next day, I reported to work and presented my passport and a visa application. “Are you a Liberian?” The officer asked a series of questions. “Don’t you have a green card? I thought you just came from America? Sorry, Sir, we are not giving visas to Liberians at this time.”

I was shocked. Labenese and Indians whose businesses were no longer functioning were given visas but not Liberians? Why? I asked. “We have a cable from the State department ording us not to give visas to Liberians. “ He said. That’s not true. Let me read it.” I said. It’s a classified cable.” He said. Fast forward. I’m ready to leave the Embassy for Senegal. At my embarkation to the US Navy Helicopter, I was asked to present my ID, I presented my Liberian Passport. “Sorry Sir, we only allow Americans to board.” The serviceman said. I complained and eventually I was allowed to board. The feeling of being stuck in a wartorn country after escaping and returning voluntarily was sobering. I know something was wrong with Liberia and its relationship to America. I turned my back on my business and made a commitment to help Liberian refugees. I also started a journey to discover the secret of what’s really wrong with Liberia and its relationship with America. What I discovered was shocking.

★ The United States Congress illegally colonized Americans based on their race. As a result, America owes all Liberians a duty of care; American taxpayers money purchased the colony, US Navy was based in the colony and by flying the American Flag over the colony for the first 25 years with the presence and leadership of the US Navy and white American Governors who were paid using American taxpayers’ money. Liberia is an illegal and lawless territory created by a partnership between the ACS and the US Federal Government.
★ The Opinion of Attorney General Hon. William Wirt, Opinion #229 dated October 14, 1819, recorded the unlawful nature of the racial colonization of free men of color or African Americans using American taxpayers money and the authorization by Congress to use the US Navy in colonizing Black Americans.

★ The Government of the United States has been involved in a two century coverup of the truth about Liberia’s slaveholding founding fathers and the collusion of American Colonization Society (ACS) and high ranking US Government officials who were slaveholders.
★ The March 3, 1819 Act of Congress initiated an irreparable harm that continues two centuries of racial discrimination against Liberians.

★ The original United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790 (1 Stat. … It thus excluded Native Americans, indentured servants, slaves, free blacks and later Asians.
★ The Liberian Seal falsely claims; “The love of liberty brought us here.” The truth: it was the plot, prejudice and racism of slave owners and collusion of Congress and high ranking US Government officials that brought American Settlers to Liberia.
★ Throughout his lifetime, President James Monroe owned 240 slaves. He never freed his slaves and our capital city is named in the honor of this slave master. President Monroe placed an ad in a newspaper offering a reward of $10 to anyone who would help to recapture two of his runaway slaves.

★ Bushrod Washington, Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court and nephew of US President George Washington owned 100 slaves. As 1st President of the ACS, Bushrod never freed his slaves. Infact, he sold 54 of his slaves who decided to run away after discovering ACS was not created to free slaves but to remove free African Americans.
★ The Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 2019 ended 30 years of discrimination against Liberian Refugees in America. In contrast to the plight of Liberian refugee mothers denied TPS/DED, the 102nd. (1991-1992) Congress passed a law which allowed 52,968 Chinese nationals to be granted DED after the Tiananmen Square incident to adjust to permanent residency status. The 105th. Congress, (1997-1998), passed legislation known as NACARA. Under this law, 150,000 Nicaraguans, 5,000 Cubans, 200,000 El Salvadorans and 50,000 Guatemalans are able to adjust to permanent residency status.

A pastor and human rights activist, Torli was instrumental in lobbying with US congressmen and policymakers to increase the quota of refugees from Africa being allowed into the US. He has also worked tirelessly in the New England region and beyond to champion the rights of refugees and immigrants. His organization, Universal Human Rights International, worked with thousands of immigrants from 38 different countries over the span of 20 years. He has been honored by the National Peace Corps Association and the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. Reach Torli: harlankrua@gmail.comRev. Torli H. Krua

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