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Don’t hide behind failed regimes

-Chairman PAYE tells opposition

The national chairman of the newly formed opposition People’s Liberation Party (PLP) Wilmot Paye, has told opposition leaders and political parties in the country to stop hiding behind failed regimes for ‘mere public criticisms’ and instead, engage the process of how they can help the Liberian people ahead of the 2023 Presidential elections.

Speaking at the commissioning of 10 seventy-two seated buses for public use at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town on Wednesday, April 28, Mr. Paye who resigned from the former ruling Unity Party following a battle with the leadership of the party noted that recent opposition leaders are very fond of bad-mouthing the ruling establishment but failed to undertake projects that will impact the lives of the people.

“Don’t wait for 2023 election before you become of help to the Liberian people; now is the time for your help and stop hiding behind failed regimes. So regime failed and so what? Start to work now for the Liberian people,” he reiterated.

According to him, since the birth of the PLP about four months ago, the party has impacted thousands of lives and undertaken several projects that are life-touching then ‘so called’ bigger opposition parties here.
The former student activist during the regime of jailed former President Charles Taylor added that the People’s Liberation Party is a party for the people, and its vision bearer, Dr. Daniel Cassell daily dreams of helping Liberians by ensuring their living condition is improved.

He said from the establishment of the party many had thought it would be short-lived but its activities have proven otherwise.Also peaking at the commissioning ceremony, political leader, Dr. Cassell said the party was overlooked but from its rapid progress, people are jittering and gradually fearing the PLP.

Dr. Cassell said some haters or opposition leaders criticized his party for its many interventions, including construction of two bridges in Bong Mines, Bong County.“We spent US$250,000 for the construction of the two bridges but the only thank you they have for us is the bridge is wooded kind, suggesting the bridges are substandard. We provided scholarships to our people, they condemned it.

I mean everything, damned. They criticized all our works and assistance to the Liberian people. I am waiting what they will say for the transportation which will be cheapest commercial transport in the country,” he promised.

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The PLP leader narrated that he was in a comfort zone with his family in the United States when the spirit of God told him to come redeem the people and also help the needed.He recalled how he and his siblings benefited from scholarships from individuals during their childhood education, something which he said helped him to achieve his dream and that now it’s time to pay back.

Commenting on the governance of the country, Dr. Cassell said that many of the politicians who beg Liberians for their votes have turned their back on the masses, only focusing on family and friends, something he termed as devilish, which when elected, his government will oppose.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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