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Don’t politicize or disrupt national census

-GoL, partners caution Liberians

The International Community in partnership with the Government of Liberia encourages all Liberians not to politicize or disrupt the ongoing 2022 National Population and Housing Census.

“We have observed with dismay calls by some elements within the country to boycott the Census”, a joint press release issued here by government and Partners reads.

Government had postponed conduct of the 2022 census thrice, amid audit report of corruption within the Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS) characterized by internal disagreement, and protests by Census Enumerators in demand of pay.

But Government and Partners, including the United Nations, UNFPA, World Bank, the Embassy of Sweden, USAID, and the Embassy of Ireland say despite some initial challenges, the Census is now on track and has commenced as of 11 to 22 November, 2022, cautioning that any further disruption would lead to delays in, or possible abortion, of the entire process, which will benefit no one.

The Partners, led by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), are providing technical and financial support to the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS) to ensure the census house listing and enumeration is completed within the timeframe of 11-22 November, 2022 as announced by the Government.

The Government of Liberia and International Partners reaffirm their continued commitment to the successful conduct of the ongoing 2022 National Population and Housing Census, which they note is among the most complex and massive peacetime exercises a nation can undertake.

They explain that a census, as mandated within the Constitution of Liberia, involves the complete enumeration of the population in a country, generates a wealth of data, including numbers of people, their spatial distribution, age and sex structure, as well as their living conditions and other key socioeconomic characteristics.

“These data are critical for good governance, policy formulation, development planning, crisis prevention, mitigation and response, social welfare programmes and business market analyses, among others”, the release adds.

The release says International Partners’ support is aimed at ensuring that the 2022 National Population and Housing Census is of high quality and upholds international principles and standards.

It explains that the unique advantage of the census is that it represents the entire statistical universe, down to the smallest geographical/ administrative area of a country or region.

Meanwhile, Government and Partners appeal to all citizens, residents and visitors to peacefully support the ongoing 2022 National Population and Housing Census by welcoming Census Enumerators to their homes and facilities and allow them to do their work, reminding that “Census takes place every 10 years, and the process gives an individual the opportunity to be heard, and counted. So let’s make this Census count.”  Press Release


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