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Don’t remind me about my past

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Controversial Nimba County Senator and leader of the defunct rebels Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia, Senator Prince Y. Johnson warns here that nobody should remind him about his past especially, his role in the 14 years civil war that saw about 250,000 lives lost and properties worth millions of dollars destroyed.

Preaching at his church, the Christ Chapel Faith Ministry in Paynesville outside Monrovia Sunday, April 18, with text from: Jeremiah 1:19, the ex-field Marshall that slain former President Samuel Kanyon Doe on September 09, 1990, Sen. Johnson said he was never a killer until he decided to redeem his people of Nimba County from the ‘brutal hands’ of the late President Doe.

Dressed in a gray coat suit with blue shirt and red necktie PYJ also an Evangelist says everyone has an ugly past, including powerful people of God. He specifically names Mother Esther Nyumah, founder and owner of the Faith Healing Temple. The Nimba County Senator narrates that Mother Nyumah was a ‘prostitute’ who during her prime years operated a bar and created a center for prostitution but when God got ready for her, she’s today one of the powerful women of God.

He also names Abraham in the Holy Bible, explaining that Abraham killed those people who took his Lot away, but today he is referred to as father of the world and God’s best friend.

Reflecting on the life of Moses also from the Bible, perhaps in an attempt to justify his role during the civil crisis, Johnson continues that Moses was a murderer, who killed an Egyptian and fled for his life, but still God used him to redeem the children of Israel from slavery.

Senator PYJ, who presides over the Liberian Senate statutory committee on Defense, Intelligence, and Veteran Affairs explains that he had about 150 commandos special forces, and that one thing that happens at the battlefront is to kill or either be killed by enemies, and nobody will do inspection of enemies or villains during exchange of fire before shooting.

Commenting on the national Truth and Reconciliation Commission which recommended for his prosecution for heinous crimes, he counters that his name was politically placed on the recommendations of the TRC wrongly, describing those who headed the Commission as political actors who pretended to be independent.

Senator Johnson, who is enjoying his second term of nine years maintains that his during the wars and the manner in which he fought to free his people has created love for him to be one of the longest serving senators in the Liberia’s history since its creation by an Act of legislation.

He wonders those who are haunting him for his role wanted the people of Nimba to be killed on a daily basis by a regime that regarded them as perpetual enemies.

However, he regrets that things went amok during the war years, but maintains it was necessary.
PYJ reminds his congregation that he’s a changed man, and that God is using him to convey His message and impact the lives of hundreds of thousands daily.

He reveals that he has personally built one of the biggest, well equipped and up-to-date universities in his native Nimba County to educate young people who may not have the opportunity to come to Monrovia for further education.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing y Jonathan Browne

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