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Don’t threaten the peace of Lofa-Iman Kamara warns VP Boakai

By Lewis S. Teh

A prominent son of Lofa County and head of the National Disabled Muslims of Liberia Ahaji Bonda Kamara has condemned recent threats of Unity Party  Standard Bearer, former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai that there would be no by-election in Lofa County if UP candidate isn’t on the ballot.

Speaking to Prime FM via mobile Ahaji Kamara, who is also an Iman, said people should stop treating Lofa County as their personal farm by inciting others to disrupt the peace of the county.

“Lofa County is not a pocket for anyone to put their hands in and take whatever they want to do”, Iman Kamara said.

He said Lofa is blessed evidenced by the number of citizens from the county who hold key positions in the Weah administration, noting that adding that any attempt by past and current leaders to cause confusion in the county would be firmly resisted.

He named CDC Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu, Chief of Protocol to President Weah,  Ms. Finda Bondo, Controller General Janka Koiwo, and Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee, among others, who he noted, are sons and daughters of Lofa County so, ex-Vice President Boakai should rethink before issuing threats that could jeopardize the peace of the county.

“We can’t have all these prominent individuals from our county working in this government and at the same time undermine the very government with threatening statements. I think the former Vice President is in error and he must retract his statements”, Iman Kamara added.

 He said no single individual is bigger than the county so, no one citizen has the right to threaten the peace of the county, noting that all tribes in Lofa are peaceful people, and the county does not want anyone to say without this, there won’t be election, which is not good and should be condemned.

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“Those statements are inciting and provocative and have the propensity to threaten our peace; we do not want that; I call on the ex-Vice President to immediately revoke it.

This is the farming time in our county; we don’t want our people to live in fear because he is a decisionmaker in the county who has followers.”

Kamara continued that the people of Lofa should sue the National Elections Commission if they feel disenchanted over the refusal of NEC to certificate Mr. Brownie Samukai, but to issue threats, he said, is out of order.

former Vice President Boakai, now Standard Bearer of the ex-ruling Unity Party re-echoed threat here recently that there would be no by-election in Lofa County if UP’s candidate is not on the ballot.

VP Boakai’s Unity Party, which broke away from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) was taken before the NEC by the embattled chairman of the Liberty Party Musa Hassan Bility, who petitioned the electoral commission not to qualify the UP to contest in elections because of existing CPP law that bars a constituent party from independently fielding a candidate in an election.

But Boakai, who hails from Lofa, lamented that this is too much for the Lofa people, having seen the UP candidate Samukai that won the senatorial seat in December 2021 disqualified from taking office due to his conviction and now the party risks similar fate before the High Court.

“I repeat, that there will be no by-election in Lofa County if the Unity Party candidate is not on the ballot, for too long the CDC- led government under President Weah has continued to take advantage of the Unity Party and the people of Lofa County”, the former Vice President said recently while speaking at the observance of International Labour Day at the Headquarters of the National Labour Congress along the Japanese Freeway in Gardnersville, outside Monrovia.

The NEC over the weekend postponed the Lofa by-election indefinitely.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/boakai-repeats-threat-ahead-of-by-election/ Editing by Jonathan Browne

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