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Don’t trade your future for rice

-Youth leader cautions young voters

The Education Ambassador for the Federation of Liberian Youth or FLY and founder of Alice Leadership Institute Aloysius S. Wesseh has cautioned young people especially, first time voters, not to trade their future for bags of rice and petit cash.

“My fellow young people, Liberia is at the crossroads and we’re at the point where politicians find pleasures in trading our future by dashing out money to buy our votes, but we must not forget that we owe it to this country”, he said.

Addressing a news conference earlier this week, Aloysius called on youths across the country to see themselves as the next and future generation of Liberians the country depends on in terms of providing leadership that would bring growth and development.

“Today I call this press conference to inform you about things that are unfolding in our country, as it relates to the pending December 8th senatorial election; as you may be aware, I made a pronouncement recently about contesting the election, but due to my poor health crisis, and to focus on my institution I have decided to step down as an aspirant”, he disclosed.

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He said decision that led him to declaring interest in contesting the upcoming election was to give young people the opportunity, and chance to serve, adding not too many young people have the chance to serve in the Liberian senate, but rather they are just few in the lower house.

“We had a wonderful platform which center around education reforms, health care for women and children, entrepreneurship and talent development, but we noticed that the issue of talent development and entrepreneurship is lacking in this country; in Africa today entrepreneurship is developing countries and making young people to be self-reliant.”

Meanwhile, Aloysius has pledged his support to Independent senatorial aspirant,Sheikh Mustapha Kouyateh. Sheikh Kouyateh resigned from the governing Coalition for Democratic Change few months ago.

Aloysius noted that half of Liberia’s population centers around young people, so they should not allowed themselves to be bought for peanut. “We don’t need to be belly drivers, we don’t need to be in the back pockets of politicians, this election is about you to determine your future and secure it”.

According to him, the pending election is not about big names, but the future of Liberia, noting that it is about time young people stand up for themselves by electing someone who has a clear vision about the development of the country. By Lewis S. Teh

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