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Dowein District Residents Risk Water-borne Diseases

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Bomi County Relieving Commissioner Abraham D. Bavor is predicting an outbreak of diarrhea in Bogbeh town, Dagbweh clan in Dowein District due to the lack of safe drinking water.

He said three hand pumps constructed in the town are damaged and the residents were now fetching drinking water from creeks, warning “this could result to an outbreak of water-borne diseases”.

The commissioner further indicated that during a recent visit to the district, he saw residents of the town going in search of safe drinking water from streams and rivers in the area. According to the Liberia News Agency, Mr. Bavor sounded the warning in an interview with a team of reporters recently in Jenneh #3 compound in the county.

He expressed fear that if nothing were done to urgently rehabilitate the hand pumps in the town, especially during this rainy season, the over 1,500 inhabitants in the town risk their health to water borne diseases.

The Bomi County Relieving Commissioner however, appealed to government and non-governmental organizations operating in the county to help provide the town with safe drinking water, noting that most of the people usually affected are children, pregnant women and the elderly.

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