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DPPL protests against “Weah 2023” solar light

By Lewis S. Teh

The opposition Democratic People Party of Liberia or DPPL says its attention has been drawn to the planting of solar panel poles at street corners and other areas with inscriptions “Weah 2023.”

DPPL Political Leader Rev. David Kaimu noted that this is a violation of the election laws of the Republic of Liberia, as it is not yet time for a political campaign in the country.

“We call on the National Elections Commission to ask the owner of the poles to remove the inscription that suggests it is time to campaign

in Liberia; we even suggest that a penalty is levied for this act”, Rev. Kaimu said, cautioning that such activities could lead to serious election violations.

At the same time, he said the party is also troubled by alleged activities of some Liberian NGOs recruiting fellow Liberians from the United States, Asia and Europe, coaching them to tell falsehood about the involvement of some citizens during the civil war here.

Rev. Kaimu told reporters over the weekend in a news conference that the activities of those NGOs have caused serious embarrassment for several Liberians currently residing in the United States, Asia and Europe, so he wants the Government of Liberia to suspend operational permits of those NGOs allegedly involved in order to launch full investigation into the situation.

“I want to call on the Government of Liberia to launch an investigation into the activities of certain NGOs owned and operated by some Liberian citizens in Liberia and outside of the country. We have followed these NGOs and their foreign counterparts whose strategy for raising money has been to tell lies on fellow Liberians and foreign nationals”, he said.

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He noted that those NGOs have lied on and implicated some personalities in the Diaspora, including Michael Desadleer, a Belgium- American, Gibril Massaquoi, Moses Thomas, Alieu Kosia, Moses Wright, and Alexander Zinnah.

He said people have been victimized by the hired operatives of these NGOs, adding that in many instances, those NGOs recruit false witnesses, and after thoroughly coaching them into what lies to tell, released them to implicate their victims in various war crimes without any proper evidence to prove their allegations.

He specifically accused the Global Justice Research Liberia, operated by Hassan Sekou Bility, Civitas Maxima in Switzerland, owned by Alain Werner, a Swiss Lawyer, Center for Justice and Accountability in California, USA, owned by Carmen Chung, an American Lawyer, Kathy Roberts, an American lawyer, and Nushin Sakarati an American lawyer, respectively.

“It has come to our notice that Mr. Hassan Sekou Bility, a journalist is the notorious of these, as he is in the constant habit of recruiting false witnesses from Europe and America. these witnesses make statements in court trials in the presence of war crimes investigators” Rev. Kaimu added.

He said the DPPL is concerned that those very NGOs that are allegedly accusing institutions and individuals are the ones recruiting, coaching, and paying witnesses to testify against those accused.

He stressed that this is wrong and the Government of Liberia should intervene to stop those NGOs involved.

He recalled that a woman (name withheld) who now lives in the United States he said was recruited and coached into lying on a popular Liberian musician Michael Davis AKA Sundaygar Dearboy.

According to Rev. Kaimu, a little boy was recruited to lie that Sundaygar Dearboy participated in the Liberian Civil War and committed heinous

war crimes. 

“This allegation has embarrassed Sundaygar Dearboy, and we in Liberia and especially in Grand Bassa County call on the government to investigate Hassan Sekou Bility and his NGO.

We call on the Liberian government to set up a team of Liberian

investigators to investigate allegations made by Hassan Sekou Bility and his NGO, and partners who accused Liberians who have never participated in any war(s) in this Country.” 

According to him, it is this team that lied about Agnes Reeves Taylor and caused the British Metropolitan Police to order her arrest.

Mrs. Taylor was subsequently released and she came to Liberia.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/dppl-rev-kaimu-cdc-govt-complete-disappointment-to-liberia/

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