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Dr. Alaric Tokpa declares intention for 2020 senatorial election

Dr. Alaric Tokpa has declared his intention to run in the upcoming senatorial election in Gbarpolu County, saying his decision is in response to increasing calls for him to be active part in the county’s politics to focus on the needs of the people.

Dr. Tokpa says he has realized that beyond the traditional roles of a lawmaker which are lawmaking, oversight and representation, the dynamics of post war politics and the hardship in the country require legislators to also pay attention to the living condition of Liberians.

Speaking Sunday, 7 June to group of citizens of Gbarpolu County, Dr. Tokpa stressed the need to pay more attention to the environment in the fight against climate change.
He outlines his plan which support the education, agriculture and the health system, while also emphasizing the need to give support for better roads, electricity and safe drinking water.

He believes that this is the time for the people of Gbarpolu County to humble themselves, calling on them to reach out to each other and reconcile to make the county visible.

Touching on the county’s leadership in the Legislature, Dr. Tokpa argues thatGbarpolu’s voice in the Legislature is weak, disjointed and always absent, thus suggesting the need for a stronger voice that will remind the government of its being.

Dr. Alaric Tokpa is a Liberian politician and political scientist. In 2002 he was the acting chairman of the Department of Political Science at the University of Liberia.

By Bridgett Milton–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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