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Dr. Tokpa stabbed in the back

A Professor of the Cuttington University has seriously expressed disappointment in the recent honoring program organized by the junior college of the university for the outgoing President, Dr. Henry Flomo Tokpa.

The program was organized by authorities of the junior college, situated along the Bong Mines Road in Kakata, Margibi County and was coordinated by Mr. Jerome N. J. Clarke, II, Associate Vice President of the Cuttington Junior College.

In attendance were the honoree, Dr. Tokpah, Rep Ben A. Fofana of Margibi, authorities of the university and students of both the Junior college and the main campus along with well-wishers from both Margibi and Bong counties, among others.

The ceremony was meant to honor and appreciate Dr. Tokpa, who resigned recently, for his long service at Cuttington. But Dr. Amos M. D. Sirleaf, who spoke to reporters in Kakata, said activities surrounding the program were politically motivated.

He expressed disappointment in the occasion and noted, “As an astute independent scholar, I have issue with it, but however indeed in the democratically structured so called-country; you follow the suite of the masses.”

Dr. Sirleaf continued: “My issue here is that what so special? What is the based foundation for this? What is behind this? Why so much? What are you looking for? So those are the questions that can come to people’s minds”.

According to him, Dr. Tokpa is a good friend of his and a good brother, noting that he (Dr. Sirleaf) also supports him but the momentum of the program is what he has problem with. Dr. Sirleaf noted that he was recruited by Dr. Tokpa at Cuttington University.

However, he hopes that everyone leaving Cuttington would receive similar honor with the accompanying momentum. When asked whether he observed any discrepancy, Dr. Sirleaf said he couldn’t tell, but was just predicting that in the nearby future, everyone leaving the institution including him, must be honored.

Dr. Sirleaf, who is head of Research at the Department of Blackology at Cuttington University, started work at the institution in 2011. He is also introducing criminal justice as a course at the University. Dr. Henry Flomo Tokpa served Cuttington for 28 years, including 13 years as president. He is expected to exit the institution on September 30, 2015.

An interim leadership headed by former Education Ministry, Dr. Everlyne Kandakai, has been appointed to run the institution, pending appointment of a new president.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi – Edited by Jonathan Browne

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